Pune Woman Delivers Baby in Ola Cab, Gets Free Rides for the Next 5 Years

Ishwari Singh Vishwakarma, a 21-year old woman from Pune, went into labour during the wee hours of last Monday morning. It was three weeks before her expected delivery. Her husband, Mr Vishwakarma, booked a cab through Ola to take her to the hospital, which arrived at 7:20 am.

Mr Vishwakarma decided to ride his motorcycle to the hospital, while her brother-in-law and mother-in-law accompanied Ishwari. But just as they had travelled 4-5km, her husband got a call from his brother informing that Ishwara had to deliver the baby in the cab itself.

The cab driver Yashwant Galande said that he was thrilled by the experience. “Looking at her situation, I decided not to stop the cab anywhere and continued to drive to the hospital. However, after travelling for hardly four to five kms the customer delivered the baby in the backseat with the help of her relative,” Yashwant told PTI.

They reached the hospital in 30 minutes, where a team of doctors were already waiting for Ishwari’s arrival, as they were alerted by her husband in advance. They had to detach the umbilical cord in the cab itself and later took both the mother and son inside the hospital for treatment.

After the incident, Ola announced that Ishwari and her son could travel in their cabs for the next five years without any charge. “These rides can be availed by a special coupon, named after the baby,” read the release. Ola also sent the same cab driver to take the mother and son home from the hospital.