Soon after the accident at Cherthala in which a KSRTC bus fell on its side crushing a car underneath, killing the passengers inside, State Police Chief T.P. Senkumar issued instructions to the police to intensify checking of ‘mechanically faulty’ KSRTC buses plying on the highways.

“There needn’t be any lenience towards the State-owned buses,” he said in Kochi, asking Ernakulam range inspector-general M.R. Ajith Kumar to ensure that faulty buses remained off road.

Mr. Senkumar, who was in Kochi to attend the international conference on cyber security, said he had stopped a KSRTC bus himself at Aroor early morning on Thursday as it seemed to be off-balance, with the centre of gravity shifted to one side.

“It wasn’t due to overload, but some mechanical fault,” he said.

There needn’t be any lenience towards

State-owned buses, says T.P. Senkumar

News Credits: The Hindu