Police allegedly beat up a family over bus fare case

KOZHIKODE: IN a shocking incident, five people, including a woman and child, who approached Chevayur police station to file a complaint were allegedly beaten up by police personnel on Sunday.

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According to the complainants, they had reached the station to file a complaint against the misbehaviour of a bus conductor who had asked the woman and child to get down from the bus after a ruckus over change.

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When the woman, along with a few other passengers reached the police station, the personnel there, instead of accepting their complaint, misbehaved with and beat them up, the complainants alleged.

However, when contacted, Chevayur police refuted the charges of beating up the bus passengers and said that it was, in fact, the complainants who had misbehaved with the police personnel at the station and attacked them.

The bus passengers and three police officers were later admitted to Kozhikode Medical College with injuries.