No Blankets in KSRTC Volvo Buses

Have you ever got a blanket in our Garuda Volvo Bus?

Are you aware about the services provided by KSRTC in its premium service, Garuda Volvo which runs from Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore?

Most of the passengers travelling in this bus is not aware about the supply of blanket and a bottle of mineral water. If you are travelling from Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore or from Bangalore to Ernakulam or further, you can claim the above facilities.

Compared to Karnataka RTC’s Airavat Volvo, Here you need to ask for a blanket and water to the conductor. In Airavat, you can see the blanket on your seat, once you board the bus.

According to the officials of KSRTC, they have given the instructions to the staff to give the blanket and a bottle of water without any hesitation. Adequate number of blankets are provided to the depot for serving in the bus. The blankets are sponsored by KTDFC.

But most of the time, you may need to ask the same to the conductor for getting a blanket to save yourself from the cold.

We have received a reply from the authorities of Kerala RTC about our previous post which compares the Airavat and Garuda Volvo services.  The officials claim that they are providing all the facilities to the passengers and we are writing wrong information in the blog.

So, we are asking the same question to our readers again. Share your comments here.


  1. in Garuda i’ve seen co passengers asking for blankets to the conductor on numerous occasions. I’ve travelled in Garuda for more than 25 times and till date they have not offered blankets or water unless you request. Where as in Airavat you will find the blankets folded on your seats and the conductor distributes water bottle once the bus depart and all passangers settle down.

  2. It is true that Kerala RTC is not protecting the Volvos. Let them stop buying Volvos. Instead let them buy Leyland Super Delux & Super Express buses. In Karnataka, it is corruption. They buy only Volvos, because they are getting commission. Even today, hundreds of Volvos in Bangalore to various places are running empty. Since, Volvos pay commission and other things, Karnataka RTC places order on Volvos. Since, Kerala RTC is a poor corporation, let them stop this Garuda service. Some people, travel in these GAruda buses on Fridays from Bangalore & on Sundays from Trivandrum, they think they always travel on Volvos.

    • Please experience the difference and comment. How come u can compare an Airavat with Pacha AANA ( KSRTC Super Express)?

  3. Surprising, so at last everyone want to stop our lone and prestigious Garuda service. Really I cant understand the logic behind it. It was one of the best Vovlo services from Bnglre in all cases.

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