KSRTC Daily Chain Service Started for Technopark Employees

A good news for Technopark employees. KSRTC started a special chain service from Kazhakkoottam junction to technopark and back today. It will do a great deal of help to alleviate travel pains of techies of technopark, who find it hard to reach Technopark as bus services are less in this route.

This was a joint campaign by prathidhwani, technoparktoday.com, and https://www.aanavandi.com/blog. Campaign was titled as “How techies of technopark and KSRTC help each other?”

KSRTC have started this initiative on trial basis and will make necessary schedules according to the response. Buses will be available from 7:30 am to 10:00 am in every half an hour. Evening schedule also is yet to be finalized. Buses will display the rout boards in English, Hindi, and Malayalam, considering the huge numbers of employees from other states.

We request technopark employees to use this service maximum, so that it becomes permanent service for technopark commuters.

Kazhakkoottam Junction Bus Stop

Infront of Tejaswini Building,
7:30 AM 16:50 PM
7:50 AM 17:10 PM
8:10 AM 17:30 PM( Go to Railway Station Also )
8:30 AM( Go to Railway Station also ) 17:50 PM
8:50 AM 18:10 PM( Go to Railway Station Also )
9:10 AM 18:30 PM
9:30 AM( Go to Railway Station also ) 18:50 PM
9:50 AM 19:10 PM
10:10 AM 19:30 PM
10:30 AM 20:00 PM ( To East fort
via Kazhakkootam)
11:00:AM( To East Fort
Via Technopark)
4:30 PM  

Source: Technopark Today