It has been decided to bring a uniformity to the colour of all the private service buses in the state. The decision was taken at a meeting between the transport department and the private bus owners.

The private bus owners’ organisation has informed that they would let know as to what colour they have decided on within 15 days.

City, rural and long distance buses would each have a different colour. This change will be applied based on section 264 of the motor vehicles act.

Currently the private buses on our roads comes in many vibrant colours, and however beautiful they may look, it has been brought to notice that at times it could be distracting and has been the cause of some of the road accidents. This has led to the decision to bring about a uniform colour for all private buses.

Also, decision has been made to give official approval for rent-a-car/bike in the transport authority meeting. Though there already are rent-a-car services, there was no official approval given to those.