Is KSRTC Bangalore buses safe to travel?

Is KSRTC Bangalore buses safe to travel? Due to the lack of professional skills, KSRTC management is struggling to operate its Bangalore services, especially the Volvo buses. KSRTC is operating 5 Volvo services towards Bangalore. Out of these only Kozhikode – Bangalore Volvo service is making profit.

I have already shared the main reason behind the failure of Volvo services on my previous post. (Read here). Which is the higher fare they charge compared to Karnataka RTC and private operators. On weekdays, there is a fare difference up to Rs. 500 which makes people go away from Kerala RTC Volvo buses.

Apart from the higher fare, the accident rates of these buses have increased a lot nowadays. This is mainly because of the single driver or driver change concept of the corporation. Previously there were two drivers and a conductor who was doing their duty properly on these long distance buses. Now after introducing this new system, many of the Bangalore bound buses has met with accidents.

The first one was Thiruvalla – Bangalore deluxe and continued with Kottarakka – Bangalore Deluxe. All the three services from Ernakulam depot has met with various accidents in other states, especially in Salem – Bangalore stretch. The recent one was Kottayam – Bangalore Volvo which went and hit behind a lorry in Salem – Bangalore sector yesterday night. There is also a rumor that the drivers from other depots are not at all vehicle and passenger friendly.

Ernakulam – Bangalore Volvo