Boeing’s ‘Rosy’ carries vegetables, flowers for Onam feast

Dubai: Emirates, an airlines group in Dubai, has launched ‘Rosy’, an air cargo under Emirates Sky cargo in connection with Onam.

Boeing 777 cargo flight named ‘Rosy’ is decorated with a beautiful picture of a Rose flower. As the name suggests ‘Rosy’ carries flowers and vegetables for other countries. A total of 2200 tonne vegetables were exported from India to foreign countries for Onam feast. According to the reports in the first three weeks of August, a total of 1700 tonne of the total goods was exported to Gulf countries. Flowers will be exported soon in the air cargo.

Sky Cargo owns 260 flights including 14 Boeing 777 flights. Rosy had taken service to Shanghai in connection with China’s Valentine’s Day celebrations on August 28.

Emirates Sky Cargo employees had made a beautiful flower carpet on the runway when Rosy landed at Dubai airport. They welcomed Rosy by writing Onam wishes.