Driver turns saviour for 68 people – stops bus at edge of deep gorge

Due to the exemplary presence of mind shown by a driver, a bus of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), driven by him downhill the steep winding road from atop Himavad Gopalaswamy Hill came to a grinding halt at the edge of the deep gorge. If the bus had moved a little ahead, all the 68 passengers aboard along with driver and conductor would have lost their lives.

The fact that the driver stood his ground without losing his courage and determination, skills he used to control the bus, and courage and conviction with which he faced the situation, saved the people from definite death.

In normal course, drivers facing such situations turn panicky and jump down the vehicles to save themselves. For this, the driver of the bus, Chinnaswamy, came in for lavish praise from the passengers and officials of KSRTC.

The bus which had arrived at Gundlupet from Bengaluru at 11 am, had left for Gopalaswamy Hill. It was on its way back to Gundlupet with 68 passengers and negotiating a steep downhill road when the bus began to go out of control. Driver of the bus, Chinnaswamy, who showed exemplary presence of mind, succeeded in bringing the bus to a stop just before it was about to plunge 4,770 feet down.

The passengers, who had turned panicky and were praying loudly, were surprised to find that the bus had come to a stop before jumping to its doom. The Hill was about to witness one of the worst tragedies in the area when the imminent was averted by the driver.

A KSRTC officer said that God intervened and saved the passengers. Gopalaswamy Hill is known for steep, winding roads and drivers in charge of vehicles need to be very alert and the vehicles need to be fit before they can ply on this road.

Although recently the KSRTC Gundlupet unit had begun to run two mini buses on this route, two big buses which were earlier serving this route were continued as before.