Diesel Theft on the Rise at KSRTC Stand Ernakulam

The recent decision by the KSRTC to reduce the number of security personnel appointed to guard KSRTC parking grounds during late hours has caused a rise in diesel theft cases.

The number of security guards in several depots in the district has been brought down to one or two from four. In Ernakulam Depot, there are only two security guards during night hours.

The decision to reduce the number of safety guards comes in the wake of the circular issued by the KSRTC management stipulating induction of those appointed as security personnel to other jobs in KSRTC. The guards are usually drivers, conductors or other operating staff who have turned unfit for the job or have been suspended from duty.

“The circular was issued owing to complaints that the persons who were originally appointed as drivers or conductors were not being given sufficient work. The management decided to take such persons back to their original jobs. Those who were suspended have also been taken back,” said an official.

According to the staff, security guards are mandatory during late hours at the stand especially in areas where the buses are parked. In Ernakulam depot, buses are parked at Karikkamury Ground and KSRTC Stand.

At Karikkamurry ground, at least 50 long-distance buses are parked everyday. Since diesel is now being filled from SupplyCo pumps and not from the fuel pumps in the stands, the drivers fill up the vehicles after duty at night.

“Places like the KSRTC stands are haven for anti-social activities. Currently, one person stands guard at the ground every night. It is very easy for anybody to steal diesel at night as one person is not sufficient to keep guard of the entire area,” the officials said.

Kerala State Road Transport Employees Association district secretary Ajayan said they have written to the new KSRTC MD seeking to increase the number of security personnel at KSRTC stand in Ernakulam.

“The compound wall is in a dilapidated state. The management should ensure that more security personnel are deployed for duty here,” he said. The situation is the same at almost every depots, he added.

New Indian Express