Can’t KSRTC be closed down if it is not running on profit? the High Court asked the state government while hearing a Public Interest Litigation filed by a Ernakulam native Basil Attipeetil challenging the hike in bus fares. The court observed that if there are any inconsistencies in the revised rates, it should be resolved immediately. The court asked under what criteria the govt had increased the fares and also demanded the Transport department to conduct a study on the increase in minimum fares to Rs 7.

The petitioner had stated in his complaint that increasing the bus fares often in Kerala goes against law as the Motor Vehicle Act comes under the Central Motor Vehicles Rule. The minimum bus fare in many states, including Tamil Nadu, is Rs 3 covering a distance of 10 kms. But, in Kerala, a distance of only 5 kms could be covered with Rs 7, the petitioner pointed out.