BJP activists on Tuesday February 14 protested against the hike in fares of Kasargod-Mangaluru buses by travelling in a KSRTC bus without paying for the tickets.

The ticket fare was recently hiked by three rupees after collection of toll charges started in Talapady.

Nearly 50 activists including BJP district president K Srikanth travelled ticketless. Though the protesters paid the earlier rate of Rs 50, the conductor demanded Rs 53.

Thereafter, the protesters continued their ticketless journey. They were then made to disembark near Kumble police station.

The activists returned after discussions with the police there.

Yuva Morcha district president P R Sunil, Anitha R Nayak, Manikanta Rai, Nanzil Kunhi Raman, Harish Narampady, Anitha R Nayak, K K Kayyar, K P Valsaraj, Baburaj and others led the protest.

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