Imagine a father who waited for two years to buy a new little garment for his daughter. For at least some of us, it would be hard to believe the story of this father and daughter as we live in the comfort of our life’s luxuries.

Kauser Hussein, who was forced to take to begging after he lost his right arm in an accident, preserved every penny that he earned to buy a new dress for his daughter. Photo: GMB Akash/Facebook

Kauser Hussein, who was forced to take to begging after he lost his right arm in an accident, preserved every penny that he earned to buy a new dress for his daughter. No father would have been more happier than him the day he purchased it and watched the sheer joy his child experienced. And no daughter would have been more happier when she received the new garment on that day after a long wait of two years.

The world read about this father’s unconditional love from a note that multimedia journalist G.M.B. Akash shared on social media.

Hussein today is the hero of every daughter. The social media is flooded with several reactions and offers to this father, who had narrated the bitter experience he had while he visited a textile shop to buy a new garment for the child.

“I bought a garment for my daughter and went to the cash counter to pay,” he writes. “I gave my two years’ earnings to them. Seeing those coins, the man at the cash counter asked me if I’m a beggar.

“My daughter wept bitterly on hearing that and told me, ‘let’s go father, you don’t have to buy this for me.’

“I wiped her tears and left that shop.

“Yes, I’m a beggar. I became one after I lost my arm in an accident. Ten years ago I never imagined I would one day be seeking alms from others. But my daughter realizes that the accident left me alive, but deprived me of my right arm and that I cannot work with just the other one. That’s why she feeds me everyday with her own hands.

“She’s always beside me when I’m begging in the street. Because she fears she might lose me if I have another accident.

“How can I beg when she is watching me. I avoid her glance when I do that. She stays a bit away, looking down.

“My earning is needed to look after the family and educate my daughter. She studies well, but failed to write her exams because we can’t afford to pay the exam fee. I find her very sad as others write the exam and she is forced to stay away.

“I then try to pacify her, saying ‘after all these are small tests, we face big ones every day’ etc.

“In any case today I’m the happiest father in the world. I had left home with the child without the knowledge of my wife, taking with me a phone loaned from my neighbor. I took some of her photos in her new dress. That is for her to keep as a precious eternal memory of this day. She was so happy. She spent more time than usual with me on that day.

“There have been days when we retire for the day without any earning. We don’t talk to each other on such days. I would then go on thinking I should not have survived the accident. But when she lies close to me in bed, I thank God for keeping me alive. Some nights bring heavy rain and sometimes during the day the Sun is too hot. We both stick together and enjoy the weather. It is in such moments that she opens her mind to share her little dreams with me.

“Today is the most memorable day in our lives. Today I’m no beggar, but am a king. A king who bought a new garment for his daughter.

“Today we did not receive any cash. But am not sad about it,” concludes Hussein.