On CCTV, Man Seen Riding Bike On Wrong Side While On Phone, Crashes

A 35-year-old man died after his bike crashed into another bike while he was talking on the phone and simultaneously riding on the wrong side of the road.

In the CCTV footage dated July 9, the man is seen talking on the phone. He then places his phone between his ear and shoulder, starts the bike and swerves towards the wrong side of the road. Just a few metres ahead, his bike crashes into with another bike with two men on it. People can be seen rushing to the man’s aid, but he died on the spot. The two men on the other bike are safe.

The doctors declared him brain dead and a case has been registered with the Hyderabad police.

A World Health Organisation report has found that those using mobile phones while driving face four times higher risk of a crash. The number of accidents and deaths due to this growing menace has shot up across the world. In the year 2016, 2,138 lives were lost in India due to using mobile phones while driving. And experts suggest that the data is hugely under-reported since there is hardly any scientific investigation or recording of fatal crashes in India.

Using the mobile phone while driving is the most common and easy form of distraction when behind the wheel. More and more states need to take a que from the Rajasthan government and implement a similar rule.

Some foreign countries slap a very heavy fine on those caught using a handheld device while driving. For example, if you are an offender in Oman, you face 10 days of jail time and $780 in fine (nearly Rs 52,000). That’s way more than what we’re doing in India. The reason is clear: it is dangerous!

When a driver is distracted, they don’t realise that their car is drifting across lanes. They don’t realise that a motorcyclist just had a near miss because of them. They don’t even realise that the motorcyclist came near their window, blurted out some abuses and got as far away from their car as possible because the person on the two-wheeler thinks the driver is a lunatic.