The government’s best efforts and drives in the name of Swachh Bharat, growing consciousness, high education levels, posh nature of living … nothing can change the unclean, unhygienic lifestyle and carefree lifestyles. Lot of people seems to show little regard to the rules and the public etiquette.

They never seem to worry or change their habits –- habit of recklessness, open defecation, urination, spitting and throwing rubbish on roads etc.

There have been so many campaigns and extension of financial help for construction of individual sanitary latrines, but this malady of open defecation is still ruling the roost in many towns and villages.

Man Urinating on Platform in Bhubaneshwar Railway Station

Instead of becoming role models, a few political persons are not only ignoring these campaigns, but also still practicing these somewhat evil and age-old systems, may be due to their orthodox beliefs, innocence and/or semi-awareness that they have acquired through their illiteracy or adamant behaviour.

This shameless practice is still so rampant along the railway tracks elsewhere whatever the conglomerate it might be.

Sometimes the distant location or insufficient numbers of public toilets or most of the time, with the uncared-for behavior and availability of unrestricted open spaces for free encourages public for open urination.

In a sacred country like ours, these are not only the unbecoming practices but also are a cause for concern as they contribute to the wide spread epidemics and impact the public exchequer at the expense of honest tax payers.