Longest load ever pulled by a Scania truck?

90 metres long and a gross weight at 296 tonnes pulled by a Scania… This was filmed some time ago by Fredrik Pettersson, a Scania employee. He and some colleagues from Scania performed a spectacular load test at the port in Gothenburg, Sweden, in cooperation with a logistics company.

Five trailers were loaded with ten 20-foot containers stuffed with paper pulp, the total length of which was about 90 metres. This ‘freight train’ was then pulled by a Scania R 730 AWD.

The test was partly to see what happens to the powertrain under these conditions, and to investigate whether running a vehicle of this type and load was possible when shunting. The Scania truck was equipped with a standard mechanical transmission, a 2-pedal Scania Opticruise automated transmission. The gross weight was calculated at 296 tonnes for the whole combination.

Driveability was in fact excellent. Repeated starts were not a problem (Scania allows grand total weights of up to 250 tonnes in heavy-haulage applications like theese) and the trailers did not bolt. Nevertheless, it’s probably best not to try this on a public road…

SOURCEScania Group