KSRTC Mass Entry to Saint gits College for Royal Mech Trip to Goa – VIDEO

Why is mechanical engineering considered a royal branch? Whether it is Diploma, Engineering, or any other Technical field, the Mechanical branch is always referred as Royal Mech or Royal Mechanical. And you might be wondering why Mechanical branch is called as Royal Mech, and even though you might disagree with this, but yet trust me that is a Royal branch.

Here is a video which shows the students of Mechanical batch conducted a college trip to Goa and they rented a KSRTC Bus for the Trip Flag Off ceremony. Now, this is usual in various colleges in Kerala. KSRTC Buses are given on hire to the public for purpose such as sightseeing tours, marriages, school / college study tours / excursions.

Here is a task for you, go and ask any old man this question, “What do you think an Engineer does?” I bet that his answer will be “Well, they repair machines”. Did you get it right? Mechanical is the oldest Engineering course that still running with high demand.

During the industrial revolution, every manufacturer needed a Mechanical Engg. not a Civil or CS. Hence, at that time, the reputation for Mechanical Engrs. grown to the sky and it is still maintained like so. And also, Mech guys were getting paid much more than any other workers at that time.

One more reason is British’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, which was a part of British Army. It was called as REME in short form, wherever you see a British army camp, you could notice the label having “REME” on it.

Last but not the least, To produce every single thing on this earth needs the machine or at least Mechanical Power. Even in the case of computers, you need machines to build them, and in the case of the civil section, you need machines to lift weights or mixing of cement. Machines are just everywhere. Machines are being used from the ancient period as well.