Did you know that the Kammattipadam existed for real?

Kammattipadam is a region that encompassed the areas of Ponnurunni, Girinagar, Gandhinagar, Kadavanthra, Kochukadavanthra, Panampilly Nagar, Kumaran Asan Nagar and Jawahar Nagar before the 1960s.

The land was under the ownership of the Idathamara Manaikkal family and the area was mostly ‘pokkali’ fields. The residents of the area say the early development of the city and the construction of the KSRTC bus stand in the late 1960s reduced the area of Kammattipadam to the few fields around the bus stand. The name Kammattipadam ceased to be used to identify the region as the city developed.

KSRTC – Kammattippadam Vertion Trailer remake by Anavandi fans.

Kammatipaadam is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language action drama film directed by Rajeev Ravi. People who know Kochi would know how important and developed these places are when it comes to the residential areas of the city. So the movie was indeed talking about a place that was drowned and dead. But it is perhaps a representation of a period, or a group of people who were suppressed, who had to give up everything under the influence of goons and real estate mafia.

It displays the period of time when the agrarian culture was diminishing. The communities who relied on agriculture became poorer and the next generations had to take the wrong path for finding some bread. The real estate mafia took over the entire city and the city was built blocks by blocks. It is a bio pic of many people, a period of time. The place was an imaginative representation of every part of the city and in reality, it do exist.