Malakkappara is a small hill station and tourist destination, being a border place in the Thrissur district, state of Kerala. The area consists of the tea estate owned by Tata Tea, forest area of Kerala Forest Department belonging to both Vazhachal Forest Division and Malayattur Forest Division. Many endangered and endemic species of floraand fauna are found in the forests of Malakkappara area.

There is 86 km distance from Chalakudy along the State Highway 21 via Thumboormuzhi, Athirappilly, Vazhachal, Sholayar etc. Malakkappara is 89 km distant from Pollachi via Attakatti, Valparai, Solaiyar Dam etc. Tamil Nadu is the border state of Malakkappara. The famous Sholayar Dam is situated just 5 km  away from Malakkappara, on the way to Valparai.

KSRTC Bus Ride on Chalakkudy – Athirappilly – Malakkappara Route : VIDEO

KSRTC Bus Timings on Chalakkudy – Malakkappara Route –

Video – Arun Ullas.

The place gets its name from the Malayalam word ‘Malakha-Para’ meaning “Rock of the Angel”, referring to a popular legend among Saint Thomas Christians of central Kerala.

Most of the buses from Chalakudy town will go only up to Athirapally (13Kms from Chalakudy ) to cater the tourist group to Athirapally waterfalls. The travelers make a visit to these waterfalls and just return: believing that is it is a dead end. Some KSRTC Buses are plying to Malakkappara and two private buses to Valparai.

The bus moved out of the Chalakudy Bus Stand slowly heading east with a few passengers from the nearby villages. The roadsides drifted from the closed lonely streets and shops of Chalakudy Town to Houses and Plantations on either side. The road with steep ups and downs was very narrow, just enough for a bus to move.

The road is suitable for cars and bikes. Currently bike riders are banned. Start early morning. At some places the road is very narrow: though no tigers: except a gaur or an elephant blocking your way. There will be very few vehicles and the road will be mostly yours.  Never travel along at Night. There are many spots where u can enjoy a lot of mammals, birds and insects endemic to the western ghats.