Last Updated: 15-12-2010

Kerala RTC runs buses from Bangalore to major towns in Kerala. The Corporation provides a Reservation Counter at the Kempegowda Bus Station(Majestic Bus Station) and Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station at Bangalore which functions from 6:30am to 9:30pm.

Contact phone number : 080 22269508. (Majestic)
Mysore Road Satelite Bus Station: 080 26756666 (MSBS, Satellite Bus Stand)
New KSRTC Pick Up Points In Bangalore
Important Informations

1. Now book your tickets from Majestic bus stand or Satellite Bus Stand Or Online Booking
2. For buses towards Salem and Coimbatore, There is a pick up point in Madiwala (ie St. Johns Hospital Bus Stop, Near To Petrol Pump, Bommanahalli Bus Stop, Electronic City (Opposite To Infosys))
3. You can select the pick up point at the time of booking the tickets. If you are unable to reach the bus station or pick up point at the time, please give a call to the KSRTC Reservation counter in Satellite bus station.
4. It will take around 20 minutes to one hour to reach Madiwala from Satellite bus station depends on the traffic.
5. If your boarding point is Satellite bus station and you want to change that place to Madiwala (St Johns), Just inform the counter before 15 minutes of the departure of the particular bus.
6. Buses coming from both Mysore and Salem will go to Majestic Bus Stand to drop the passengers if any.
7. All the buses except the buses to Kasargod are starting from Satellite Bus Station which is situated in Mysore Road (Babuji Nagara).

The various schedules operated by the Corporation from
Bangalore are given below.

Dep Type Destination Fare Via
7.00 S.DLX S.Bathery 258 MSE
8.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE
9.00 S.EXP Kannur 279 MSE, SBY
10.00 SF Malappuram 258 MSE, VRJPT, TLY
10.30 AC Kozhikkode 401 MSE, SBY,TSY
11.00 SF Vadakara 248 MSE, SBY
12.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
13.00 AC Ernakulam 591 MSE, KKD, TSR
14.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
14.00 S.DLX Guruvayoor 406 MSE, NLBR, TSR
15.45 S.DLX Kottayam 486 MSE, PMNA,TSR
16.00 S.DLX Munnar 558 KKD, TSR,KMGM
16.15 S.EXP Ernakulam 302 SLM, CBE, TSR
17.00 VOLVO Trivandrum 825 SLM, CBE, TSR
17.30 S.DLX Kottarakkara 509 SLM, CBE, TSR
18.15 S.DLX Thiruvalla 479 SLM, CBE, TSR
18.30 S.DLX Kozhikkode 384 MSE, MDY
18.30 AC Kottayam 572 SLM, CBE, TSR
19.00 SF Kozhikkode 267 MSE, MDY
19.30 AC Thrissur 452 SLM, CBE, TSR
19.30 S.EXP Payyannur 304 MSE,IRTY,KNR
20.00 SF Kozhikkode 267 MSE, MDY
20.15 S.DLX Thalassery 331 MSE,IRTY,MTNR
20.30 S.EXP Payyannur 294 MSE,IRTY,KNR
21.00 S.DLX Palakkad 289 SLM, CBE, TSR
21.00 SF Kalpetta 221 MSE, MDY
21.15 S.DLX Kannur 331 MSE,IRTY,MTNR
21.30 S.EXP Kannur 279 MSE,IRTY,TLY
22.00 S.EXP Kannur 264 MSE,IRTY,MTNR
22.00 S.EXP Thottilpalam 264 MSE, MDY
22.00 AC Thrissur 452 SLM, CBE, TSR
22.30 SF Thalassery 222 MSE,IRTY,TLY
22.30 AC Ernakulam 591 SBY,KKD,TSR
23.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
23.00 S.DLX Thrissur 386 MSE,NLBR,PMNA
23.30 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
23.45 S.DLX Kozhikkode 338 MSE, SBY
24.00 SF Kozhikkode * 227 MSE,SBY

all the data furnished above have been obtained from Kerala RTC Reservation Counter at Satellite Bus Station and are subject to change without notice.
Advance Reservation Starts 21 Days Before. Now Book Your Return Tickets Also.
MSE-Mysore, SBY-S.Bathery, KKD-Kozhikode, IRTY-Iritty
TLY-Thalassery, SLM-Salem, CBTR-Coimbatore
PKD-Palakkad, TSR-Thrissur, EKM-Ernakulam
ALP-Alappuzha, TVLA-Thiruvalla, KTM-Kottayam
TVM-Thiruvananthapuram, GDLR-Gudallur, NBR-Nilambur