Kerala Private Bus Dangerous Overtaking in a Curve Road – VIDEO

A Private Bus named ‘Mareena’ made a dangerous overtake on a deep curve of Ghat road. The bus was heading to Kumily. We can see an auto taxi was coming from the other direction, which is escaped from an accident with the bus.

Unlike our highways, the narrower and often blindly curving ghat roads don’t offer much view of the road ahead. So if you’re stuck behind a slow moving truck, remain there until it’s safe to overtake and you have enough room and visibility to overtake safely.

Also, don’t lean on the horn after you horn initially – the truck driver or bus driver knows you’re there and will usually give you room to overtake. NEVER overtake around a blind curve because it might just be your last pass.

Use the horn around blind curves : This is especially true during the day, when there is no headlight glow to warn you of oncoming traffic. Honking around a bend lets other road users know you’re there, and gives them a chance to give you room to pass safely. If you hear someone else honking, horn back and slow down.

Give way to uphill traffic : This is the golden rule for the ghats because cars, bikes and heavy vehicles especially coming uphill require a lot more effort to take off from standstill if forced to stop. Pull over and let them pass, even if it means you stopping and waiting from a distance.

Source – drivespark.