Kerala MVD BUSTS 10 modified motorcycles from “college auto show”

Modifications of cars in India are not as popular as they are in the international markets. However, there are no regulations laid down by the government on the kind of modifications allowed on the vehicles. Supreme Court of India earlier gave a ruling saying that any kind of modification of vehicles is illegal. Kerala State Police has already started taking actions against modified vehicles.

A prominent engineering college of the district was under the radar of the shadow squad of the MVD since morning, after the authorities came to know the institution was conducting an auto show. Students from other engineering colleges had come to attend the event with vehicles that had undergone modifications.

At noon, the MVD authorities informed the principal that they needed to inspect the vehicles participating in the show. They found several vehicles with open silencers and even without one participating in the contest for the vehicle emitting the loudest noise.

The officers of the MVD initiated action against the owners of those vehicles found flouting the norms.
The confiscated vehicles were all restored to their original condition and they were produced at the Collectorate in Kakkanad along with the necessary documents. This included the vehicle which won first place in the category of vehicle emitting the maximum sound.

Enforcement RTO K Manoj Kumar said such violations causing sound and environment pollution cannot be tolerated and heads of educational institutions should maintain vigilance in this regard. He also said shadow squads have been deployed in other educational institutions. MVI Deepu NK, AMVIs Biju P, Kamal Babu, Nevin VL were part of the team that carried out the inspections on campus.

The officials also said that the auto show had a special bike stunting exhibition where specially modified motorcycles were used. These motorcycles made loud noises due to the altered silencers. Such silencers also increase the power of the bike. The cops also said that a few bikes did not have any kind of silencer at all, which created a thunderous level of noise in the surroundings.

All the ten vehicles that have been booked for being modified will have to present themselves before the RTO. All the vehicles will have to replace the aftermarket silencers and will have to produce the bike in stock condition. The RTO will inspect the bike and will also check if all the original parts are in place. This process was explained by an MVD official to Deccan Chronicle.

The MVD officials also reveal that the vehicle that won the first position in the competition was also booked. Earlier, Enforcement RTO Manojkumar warned the educational institution authorities to be more careful with such events. Modification in Kerala is extremely popular and many youths modify their two-wheelers and cars in various ways. Even after the caution from the RTO, the event happened and that’s when the shadow team of the MVD took action.

Earlier, the MVD said that they will also keep a close eye on modified vehicles on the social media platforms. Any vehicle that they feel is modified will be notified electronically and the owner of the vehicle will have to present himself and the vehicle to the RTO for inspection.

Source – New Indian Express, Cartoq.