Sexual harassment has been recognized as a serious problem in the world. It reduces the dignity of human rights.

Sexual harassment is an action within men and women, which is related to unwelcome behavior on sex. It is characterized by a wide range of offensive manners including teasing, staring, winking, groping, pinching, sexual comments, telling jokes of a sexual nature, spreading sexual rumors, displaying porn videos, drawing pictures of a sexual nature, and squeezing or touching the private organs of women.

Victims of sexual harassment on buses continue to suffer as the painstakingly slow trial process and case backlog at courts delay justice. Few incidents are reported and very few alleged offenders have been detained.

Kerala Man arrested for harassing woman in bus : VIDEO

It’s deeply distressing that women in our cities are choosing not to safe ride the bus because of harassment issues. Of course, we can not fault them for making that choice, but we want to propose some solutions so that women are able to feel safe and continue to use affordable public transit, rather than feeling like buying a car is their only option.

One solution that has been implemented with mixed results is the concept of women-only transit—that is, designating a few cars on a train or subway just for women riders. These exist in major metropolitan areas in Egypt, Japan, India and several other countries.

We need to acknowledge that many women will continue to choose driving over public transportation until they feel safe on the subway or bus. This is one of the many ways cities fail to adequately serve all of their residents and one we hope to see change in the future.

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