Train descends a fly over at Bengaluru – Video..!!

Train getting down a steep ramp , a long 23 coach Indian Railway Train descending a steep gradient appears as if a train is rolling off a Fly over , roller coasting towards Bangalore.

11014 Coimbatore – Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Express hauled by Double headed ALCo twins getting down the Salem line ramp to join the main lines towards Bangalore City.

Video – TheRailzone

The Steam Locos throughout India take higher and steeper gradients than this Daily.  This is a Tiny Drip in the gradients of far Eastern India and coastal SouthWestern gradients.  This was a slight “Hill” compared to the toy Steamers in other parts.

Enjoy watching the deadly Roller Coaster gradient action by the furiously notching WDG4 Electro Motive Diesel / EMD hauling the 21 coached Hubli Intercity bound to Dharwad.