If you are planning to eat out at a railway station during a travel, get ready to pay more. It’s daylight robbery that is happening at the Kozhikode Railway station in the name of GST.  A normal vegetarian meal at the railway station now costs Rs 23 more. The meal priced Rs 40 before is now charged Rs 63. Under the new tax, food stalls at railway stations will also add 12 per cent to the food and beverages they sell. The new pricehas been rolled out from July 1 after the GST was implemented, railway officials said.

As meals are served in non-AC rooms, only 12 per cent GST could be levied but what guidelines were followed in this huge hike is unexplainable. As per GST guidelines, air-conditioned restaurants, hotels and food units at railway stations will charge a flat 18 per cent GST.  Eateries will now levy 12 per cent and 18 per cent GST on the goods sold and services offered. Vendors at railway stations have been intimated of this, said a railway official.

Along with this, the price of fried items too have seen an increase of Re 1, from Rs 8 to Rs 9. Hotels coming under IRCTC are charging Rs 85 for a veg meal. Hence passengers can be sure that a meal at the Kozhikode Railway station cannot be had for less than this price. However, railway officials say there is no permission given to increase the prices and if found violating the rule, action would be initiated.  Railway officials said the rate that was fixed during entering the deal must only be levied.

But the traders at the Railway station said they have to give Rs 48,000 as license fee per day to function their hotels. Hence running hotels at the old rates will turn out to be a loss.