How will a Pakistani be treated in India?

This question needs to be answered In Two judging Pakistanis motive of Visit. We categorized them with 3 sections & these are Patient, Celebrity and Tourist.

When it comes to tour to India while being a Pakistani, it’s very difficult to get The Visa Of India. After 26/11 & Uri Terrorist attack, The Indian Mindset towards giving visa to Pakistanis has been Changed Drastically. India will use Visa as a weapon to embarrass Pakistani as their nation continues to sponsor Terrorism in India.

Patient : India has been providing Medical visas to Pakistanis citizens in spite of being bled by Pakistani Gov supported Terrorist Organisations. Despite The Bloody fight across LoC, India is allowing Pakistani patients to have Medical cares In Indian Hospitals. In each month of 2016, 500–600 Pakistani patients were visited India for Medical treatment. But after Uri attack in sept, 2016, entire scenario were altered. In 2017, that number declined in between 200–300.The home ministry’s annual report said that 34,445 visas for Pakistanis were issued in 2017 as against 52,525 in 2016. However, despite the cosy relationship between both countries , Indian Gov allows Pakistani patients to tour India for their medical treatment.

Celebrity : In This case, the situation is even out of Indian govt’s hand. After Uri Army Base Terror attack, Pakistani artists silence on this Attack about their country’s role did not only open Indian citizens’ eyes but also exposed their double standard on Terror. It clearly proved their motive in India only to earn money & maintain quiet about their govt’s Anti India activities in Indian Mainland. That’s why, The door for Pakistani celebrities has already been closed in India either they are film artists or cricketers. And the situation is now even so worse that if any Political party supports Pakistani artist entry in India, then the party will lose elections & face Public outrage as well as media Snubbing. Fearing Public outrage, The Aman Ki Asha brigade is also now gone out of society. So, there has been a strong Anti-Pakistan sentiment born in India after Uri & Pathankot terror incidents & it’s True, either you accept or not.

Tourist : As we mentioned earlier , it’s very hard for Pakistanis to get the Indian Visa. But Pakistani tourists are welcome in India. During Partition, the half of those families got separated in India and Pakistan. The Muhajir Community of Pakistan has route in Indian UP, Bihar & other states. That’s why, They visit India & Vice Versa. But Most of the Visa application from Pakistan rejected due to National Security concern & that concern is valid in all countries.

Written By – Himansu Swain.