How to using clutch when u braking?

Should I press clutch everytime I need to apply brakes or slow down the car? Quick Answer: Not required “everytime.”

The basics about Gears : Lower Gears => More RPM/Rev and Less Speed, Higher Gears => Less RPM/Rev and More Speed.

Every Gear has some speed range to it, depending on your car. As a rough rule think 1st gear for 0–10 kmph, 2nd gear for 10–20 kmph, 3rd gear for 20–30 kmph, 4th gear for 30+.

Now if your car speed were to get lesser than 10 kmph in any gear other than 1st (assuming you’re not pressing your clutch), it’ll come to a sudden halt. This happens for other gears , when it’s not operating in the desired speed limit range. Why? A little understanding of how a clutch operates with the above basics on the gears would help you visualize.


I’m astounded at the number of people that give dangerously bad advice in this question.

You NEVER press the clutch when braking, except for two options:

  • you are in process of changing gear (to a lower one)
  • you are actually coming to a halt

Most of your slowing down does NOT lead to either of this.. well maybe the first option might just edge to “most”, depending on where you do your driving.

But when you are just slowing down a bit, there is exactly 0 reasons to work the clutch.
Also unlike some other are claiming, you don’t coast with your clutch depressed. Clutch is not designed nor expected to be depressed for a long period of time. If you really want to coast in neutral (and really it’s usually better to just keep in gear), you change to neutral and let off /out the clutch. Same when you are stopped, neutral, clutch out.