Goa police will now patrol beaches with Powerland 4X4 ATVs

Powerland ATV has donated all-terrain-vehicle to Goa Police. The ATV was handed over to the Verna Police Station officers and was given to help the cops patrol the beaches on the state more efficiently. The exact numbers of ATVs given to the Goa Police are not known yet.

The new ATV will be used by the police to patrol the challenging areas of the state. Even the community police force of the state, which goes by the name “Crocs and Cops” will get to use the ATVs for patrolling purposes. The ATV given to the cops is a new model launched by Powerland and is priced at around Rs. 4.5 lakhs. The ATV is powered by a 700cc, twin-cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 45 Bhp. It runs on petrol.

Powerland has registered them under the tractor-segment. It is not clear if they can be legally driven on the roads and can get a registration number. Although the ATV seen in the pictures get a temporary registration plate, which suggests that it has been registered with an RTO in Goa. It should be noted that ATVs are not road-legal and cannot be registered for road usage. Brands like Polaris has registered their products under the ATV category in India. The Polaris vehicles cannot get a registration plate or can be used on public roads.

A few days back, video clips and pictures of UP Police riding on the similar ATVs became viral. The ATVs used by the UP Police to patrol the Kumbh Mela were of the same make and model. ATVs are much more capable than any 4X4 SUV when it comes to hardcore off-roading, which is why the police forces use to reach challenging terrains. It should be noted that various state police forces of India make use to ATVs to patrol on the beaches and even forest areas. The ATVs give the cops enough flexibility to reach difficult spots without much problem.

The ATV gets an automatic CVT gearbox that makes it easy to ride through the patrolling time. It also gets a 4X4 system with a low-range gearbox that makes sure that the ATV is capable enough to get itself out from the sandy surfaces of the beaches. The suspension details of this particular model are not known but it is likely to get a twin A-Arm independent suspension at the rear and a McPherson suspension system at the front. It also gets projector headlamps with DRLs for efficient patrolling at night. Other features include a multifunctional digital instrument cluster and a USB charging socket charge mobile phones.

Powerland also sells diesel-powered ATVs to the private buyers. The model is known as the 900D and it gets powered by an 800cc, liquid-cooled, V-Twin diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 20 Bhp and a peak torque of 48 Nm. That ATV can do a top speed of 45 km/h and gets a fuel tank of 1.4-litre capacity.

Written By – Shantonil Nag, Source – Cartoq.