Wonderful Experience In Thiruvananthapuram Bangalore Super Express

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Jose Cyriac and his fellow passengers had a really atrocious experience when the Bangalore – Thiruvananthapuram Super Express Air Bus was stopped for Dinner on its way back. They didn’t stop the bus earlier (before it was too late) after the trip was started and when they stopped it was almost 12:30 am. How one earth you can explain that timing ? And the standard of the hotel where they stopped was very very low. In Malayalam – “Ku Koothara” :-P. It was too dirty inside the hotel and they were charging Rs 50 for 2 Plain Dosas which was having very poor quality and taste. And some of the passengers got angry because of this and they were expressing their ire towards the conductor and driver. The concerned authorities, please take some action regarding this and hopefully this wont be repeated in future. I hope Kerala State RTC can do a better job in this regard. I think Karnataka State RTC usually stops in front of better hotels (from my limited experience).


  1. Just one quote….go by KSRTC…i mean Karnataka SRTC….comfortable, ontime performanace, no rash driving, good staff behaviour, cleanliness and so on……they are the real KSRTC!!!

  2. What happened to the TVM-BLR Volvo. kattapurathu ayyo..how can one travel from blore to tvm in a super express

  3. @Juno, I was travelling only till EKM 😉 and if you have patience, you can even travel in FP / LS 😛