Tata Motors Launching Paradiso G7 Multi-axle Coach

Tata Paradiso – G7 – Multi Axle Coach: Paradiso – G7 is an internationally acclaimed bus body design concept from Marcopolo S.A., Brazil. The aerodynamic body design expertise of Marcopolo and technological capabilities of Tata Motors have been combined to develop the Tata Paradiso – G7. It is a 14 metre multi axle coach with 21 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight, packed with luxurious features, meant for long distance inter-city travel.

Built on LPO 2138 rear engine multi axle platform with a 370 HP and 1550 Nm torque Cummins ISLe engine, the Tata Paradiso is ideal for long distance travel. It has a ZF 6-speed gearbox with in-built intarder, Electronically Controlled Air suspension (ECAS), large clutch diameter of 430 mm and a large fuel tank capacity of 500L, which can be further extended to 600 L (optional).

Tata Paradiso – G7 has a maximum speed of 120 kmph, good gradability of 34%, best-in-class maneuverability and superior fuel efficiency. It comes with world class axles with pneumatic disc brakes and electronic braking system (EBS).

The Tata Paradiso – G7 has been developed to provide an extremely luxurious and comfortable travel experience. The bus comes loaded with features like the full glass partitioned wall, with wider opening, for better comfort & accessibility, separate deluxe and luxury seating areas, luxurious couch in the rear section, with liquid heater and refrigerator, electrical rear view mirrors with demister and blinker. The interiors have been accentuated by ergonomically designed wide recliner seats and individual AC louvers for an ultra comfortable journey, while LED lights offer optimum illumination.

The Tata Paradiso – G7 offers host of optional features like sleeping and semi-sleeping seats, on-board refrigerator, HVAC with demister, entertainment system, mobile charging points, and internal camera with recorder, reversing camera, destination board and GPS.

Individual ear-phones and speakers with volume control for every passenger and 4 LCD screens offer superior quality entertainment. Large luggage compartment with easy access enhance the travel experience in the Tata Paradiso.


  1. Ksrtc fans, please don’t miss this page:
    user foby sebastian posted old pictures of buses from kerala including private and KSRTC from 70s and 80s. also, the dodge(ford) “Montha/Mookkan buses” of 50s and 60s as seen in ernakulam and thrissur ksrtc stands and more at team-bhp website.
    of all, My interest is R420 original tata-benz bus from 1970 era! this bus looks 10 times better than current TATA noisy models!
    see the photo: http://is.gd/2l6zhm

    @admin: please start a thread on old ksrtc buses starting from old dodge(I think) buses of bygone era which bus aficionados will love to see.

  2. Already ksrtc has abandoned TATA bus from service through out Kerala.

    Delhi Government revoked Bank Guarntee given by TATA for not providing spares parts/service

    TATA is an Indian company never want to provide good service

  3. Hey @ SUJITH – I have read about Marcopolo buses and have done some interesting studies also. Can you tell me what is an approx cost of the bus

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