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TATA To Compete With Volvo & Mercedes Benz

Tata Motors showcased the Divo luxury bus at the ‘Bus and Special Vehicle Expo’ in Hitex, Hyderabad, to take on Volvo and Mercedes-Benz in the luxury bus segment. The country’s largest selling automotive maker is all geared to launch its Divo – a luxury AC coach meant for intercity long-distance. The Divo will compete with Volvo and Mercedes as it will offer luxury services of international quality for less.

Photo: TATA Motors Divo

Divo has been styled by Hispano Corracera, a Spanish bodybuilding company. These buses are powered by a 285-horse power Cummins engine. Tata Motors hopes to sell up to 300 units per year. The Divo is expected to go on roads within a year. The standard variant of Divo will have 46 seats, with options for further customization as per passenger and operator needs.

According to Ashish Tandon, Head-Marketing-Buses, Tata Motors, the Tata Divo will be priced aggressively, less than what the competition (Volvo and Mercedes-Benz) offers. He added that the Divo buses were developed by Tata Motors with the company’s Spanish partner (Hispano). So far, 5 Divo buses have been test supplied.

Currently the segment leader is Volvo who have completely taken over the luxury bus travel in India. Volvo were also planning to launch a hybrid travel bus in India.


  1. Its nice to see this type of news in KSRTCBlog. Please update with more bus related news like this for us.

    But I doubt How TATA can compete with Volvo and Benz buses? TATA is always TATA.

    1. Arjun why do you think that TATA s cannot compete with VOLVO and BENZ? Tata is also an international company, making international brands.

  2. Whats the problem with tata? Tata is the India’s leading bus manufacturer and Volvo is nothing infront of them.

  3. @Tata
    Tata is the India’s leading bus manufacturer and Volvo is nothing infront of them. This is because of costing. if both were sold at same price all will prefer VOLVO and not TATA. Travelling comfort is more in Volvo.

    If u travel in TATA from Blore to EKM in Tata Globus and Volvo, u can easily understand the difference……

    1. Well , in my oppinion i won’t let down TATA that simply.. because in the last few years they have had a tremendous improvement in both design and quality ..And since TATA has acquired major shares in many commercial vehicle companies like the MARCOPOLO , DAEWOO,JLR they have a good amount of new knowledge on how to manufacture vehicles for international market.. The TATA WORLD TRUCK is the best example..The marcopolo and globus buses in India are not that bad,, unless they are properly maintained. Poor servicing can cause even the volvo buses to crippple down the road, and i have seriously experienced that in a SHAMA gold class (black) volvo …

    2. Are you in your right mind to compare a 25 Lakh Globus with an 80 lakh Volvo? On top of that the maintenance by KSRTC. The closest option to Volvo frm Tata is Tata Hispano Globus..

      1. Then dude,why TATA is not promoting Globus now…Its a big flop .KeSRTC is only bigcustomer for them.and they are number one in poor maintance.Tata is trying to introduce a new typo A/C buses.interstingly not from their own R& D team but from foreign parters
        See the TATA dealer ABT is using AL coaches from their intercity service? because of the poor quality of TATA a/c bus

        1. Rajshek
          I dont think TATA buses are of low/poor quality. If they were making poor quality buses they would not have survived till this time. They are the second biggest bus manufactures in the world.

        2. Who said Tata is not promoting Globus? Check the tata website. it was always made to order. Recently they introduced more Globus models at the Bus expo in Hyderabad. Also keep in mind, when Tata introduced Globus as fully built bus, Leyland was not in the picture at all. You mentioned “Hispano” RD & is foreign, dude, dont you know, Hispano Spain is a 100% subsidiary of Tata Motos? What is wrong with that?
          For the argument about ABT not using Tata buses, why SRS travels changed from fully AL to Tata Hispano, there could be other reasons, you and me do not know why ABT is using Leyland. ABT s parcel lorries are all Tatas, does not mean AL trucks are not good to carry parcels?

          1. @Karthik,

            1,Tata is not concentrating on Globus now compaired to Starbus & others.kindly show me any proof iif i am wrong.
            2. TATA does not give any advantages over their own body other than the others offer,This is not a matter for the end user expect his comfortable journey on the bus.Why our prestigious Globus cancelling due to A/C failure now a days?
            3.Are you thinking that Hispano using TATA specialities to their bus?
            4 SRS ,not only introduced Hispano,but multi axil-volve,Note that they have still AL service.Expect SRS, why the other major operator does not go for Hispano?

          2. AL is having self developed Neptune engine.TATA still using cummis engine.How may of the Tata vehicle is having their own Engine..I think only 407,608,ACE & Nano is having local engine.TATA always depending others for technology.But they r the no is introducing product with cheap rate and at right time

        3. Rajshek ,

          TVS is AL dealer and AL uses around 20% of parts manufactured by TVS, but can you show one(single ) TVS lorry with leyland make .they uses only TATA from heavy to mini ,that is their policy .

      1. Dear Shabeer
        I really cant accept ur version. So by ur statement, do u wish to say that all indians can travel in new AC DIVO if tata launches it in Kerala….
        Ur version was Vovlo can never beat TATA… By all means thats not correct.. The travelling comfort u get in Volvo and Tata is 100% different. if vovlo cant beat, then y all the TVM-Blore and EKM-Blore pvt buses are VOlvo and not Tata. Think of it. Next thing is volvo was launched recently almost 10-15 years back. in 2009 Nov, Vovlo launched B9R Multi axle vovlo and now most of the TVM-Blore and EKM-Blore pvt buses are B9R volvo. That itself shows the success of Volvo. If Volvo can beat TATA, then y all the pvt operatorss are not purchasing TATA instead of Volvo.. Think of alll these and give me solution

    1. I agree with you Unni. Proud to be an Indian. These big companies were seen when our infrastructure was not that good. We should never forget our past.

  4. What is price for tata’s new bus.
    Kerala.srtc can use it as a SUPER EXPRESS AC BUS? Is it possible ?

  5. no company are having their own parts around 90 percent are outsourced, it all depends on the costumer and their views and the survival stat of company.