Search KSRTC Bus Availability

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Finally, Kerala RTC has come up with a bus availability search option in their official website.  The search option doesnt give the complete information, but still lets hope they will update it and make it available soon.

Two type of search options are available now.

1) Find a bus passing through a particular bus station. Click here to search.

2) Find buses starting from a bus station. Click here to search.


  1. Many of the buses are missing. The way the search results are displayed is leaving us confused 😛

  2. Dear Sujith,
    to search a bus in ksrtc site is making confusion!
    for example one of the main station THRISSUR, if we search a bus- 300 more buses comes in list!
    if they show four direction from thrissur( towards ernakulam, towards muvattupuzha, towards edappal, towards palakkad) and its origin place & time, passing timing of thrissur and destination time are sufficient. can we hope it?

  3. Why have all these features when the booking does not happen. The worst online bus booking site on earth. I have tried more than 50 times to book, but the message I get after clicking the “Make Payment button” is “Payment failure. Please contact your Credit/Debit Card issuing Bank” even though I have not selected the Credit/Debit card.