RAC 5 Converted To Fast Passenger Bus

RAC 5, one of the first built KSRTC’s 12m TATA Super Express bus is finally converted to a Fast Passenger service. First five buses belongs to RA series was built Central Workshop, Thiruvananthapuram. Those buses were the first 12m TATA Super Express Buses of KSRTC.

This bus was initially running in Kozhikkode-Mysore sector. Later, the bus got transferred to various depots like Kottayam, Palakkad and Changanassery.

Various faces of RAC 5 is giving below.

Finally, the bus was with Changanassery depot for operating Changanassery-Velankanni service, when the schedule bus met with an accident near Thiruchi. Later this one also met with an accident and was taken to KSRTC’s Regional Workshop in Edappal.

RAC 5, when met with an accident near Velankanni.


  1. hey… Our RRC series Super deluxe running in bglr routes r much older thn this na … why tht is not replaced by new ones …. Vibrations in tht deluxe buses r terrible !!!!

  2. RAC 5 seems to be not a very old bus. It must be the series with improved seating angle. The seats were better than the old SE buses. The converted FP is also seen in the net.

    Being a ardent supporter of KSRTC, I suggest that the body design can still be improved. Is there any problem in increasing the seat lengths by at least 6″ on three and two seater. The seats are very compressed when three/two people sit on three/two seats.

    The grill design needs improvement. At least, if the edges of the outer frame are rounded it would look better. I have seen this on your EKM CBE SE bus which was introduced in 2×2 seating configuration.

    The colour of the interior need to be changed. The interior is dark since the colour is of dull blue finish. Lights need improvement. Instead, if ivory roof and brown upholstry are used, it would be better. But, whatever may the colour, the bus should be kept clean as far as possible. It looks as if the bus interior is never cleaned. Dust is collected everywhere. The handicapped men seats can be given a different colour to identify.

    The railings need be given yellow colour epoxy coated. The end and second seat from the front on the left are always with less angle.

    On inter state routes at least buses should be kept clean always. When KSRTC buses are parked in Karnataka bus stations alongwith their buses, it looks very bad.

    I have travelled in the SE bus from Ernakulam to Mysore. Earlier, this bus was AC. It is very difficult to travel in this upto Mysore during night. Night travel buses are to be more comfortable for sleeping. The passengers will be mostly for Mysore and B’lore. Nowadays AC/DLX buses are more popular. The DLX buses of KSRTC failed because of its body design. These buses should always have separation between driver’s cabin and passenger cabin. The interior should have better aesthetics. Ksrtc can very well seek help of professional designers.

  3. The time table of KeSRTC in the net need to be updated. There r no AC buses now!!!

    R the officials seeing this blog any time? I hv never seen any response so far. Responses will eliminate the repeatations of suggestions.

  4. Y can’t KSRTC can outsource their body to some keralabased body builders. I am suggecting kondody autocraft,thejus,yatra etc. They are professional and having good stability in their bus bodys

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