Public Transport Is A Utility Service – Says Thettayil

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Public transport is a utility service and is not aimed at generating profit in anywhere in the world, said Jose Thettayil, Transport Minister, Government of Kerala. Kerala State road transport corporation (KSRTC) is still running services for the people by facing loss of income based on this principle, he added. Minister was speaking to the press during his short visit to Kuwait to inaugurate Angamaly Association, newly formed association of nonresident Keralites from Angamaly.

Comparing to olden days, Kerala government is able to make the KSRTC in operational profit, minister said. KSRTC introduced most number of buses during this government. Unlike other south Indian states, private buses own large percentage of public transport in Kerala. KSRTC owns only 27% of the public transport. 4 years back this was only 13%, he said. KSRTC which carries an average of 36 lakh commuters per day provides direct employment to 33,000 people and pension to more than 35,000 people.

KSRTC recently introduced more than 100 low floor buses in the state, and there is lot of improvements on the common mans opinion about KSRTCS, the minister said.

Regarding the road accidents, minister was of an opinion that the road safety is part of people’s road culture. Indians living abroad never tends to violate the traffic rules while when they are in India, they find it as a heroism to violate traffic rules. When police catch a two wheel rider without helmet, the media and public always try to project it as police is disturbing the public. Public protest against polices action for those violating traffic rule. A cultural awareness should be evolved to change this.

This government has done a large number of in fracture development in Kerala. KSRTC is going to introduce double decker service in state capital very soon. A ladies only service also will be introduced in Malappuram district of Kerala state very soon, minister informed. It is difficult for the state government to introduce world class roads in the state since it requires huge one time investment, but in the long run it will be definitely possible, minister hopes.



  1. If it a utility service not aimed generating profit can he tell us why KSRTC stopped the some services at late night.?
    1. Ernakulam – Aluva – N. Parur (starting at 0015 Hrs from ernakulam 0045Hrs at Aluva. From Aluva 0115Hrs and 0155Hrs at N.Parur.)
    2. Guruvayoor service from Ernakulam via Varappuzha, N.Parur, Kodungallur starting from Ernakulam around 0030Hrs
    Both these services were stopped 2 years back. If he believes that KSRTC is a utility service will he start these services again?