An year back, we all have seen the problems regarding the religious posters on KSRTC buses, especially the “Swami Sharanam” write-ups. Now, its the turn for local political parties and illegal advertisers.

Posters Pasted On A Brand New Bus

We can see plenty of posters on the newly introduced KSRTC buses and the old ones as well. Posters – big and small – were pasted on many new buses plying on different stretches in the state. Especially the buses plying to and from Pamba.

Senior officials in the State Transport Corporation said KSRTCBlog that the paint is expensive that during the process of removing the posters at the maintenance section, the colour of the paint starts fading and gets washed away leaving patches. Any attempt to tinker or provide a touch up would change the appearance of the bus body. The original finish of the colour cannot be matched locally and within a year, the buses look quite old and shabby, he added.

Another technician said that the solution used to paste the posters would not come off without using sufficient water. Every day posters such as condoning death of a friend or relative or an employee, welcoming leaders visiting to depots, condemning the government by some organisations were pasted on the buses. Using water and soap solutions to remove them would change the colour. “In many vehicles, the new look had already started giving a dull appearance,” he added.

When the government and corporation spent so much money on launch of state-of-the-art buses, such misuse should not be encouraged and we expect the CMD to take stern action as per the law.

Did KSRTC Started Publicizing Private Tours & Travels?
An advertisement to promote private tours and travels in Kannada
An advertisement about KSRTC Employee's strike

Dear KSRTC Authorities? Will you take any action against this?