Peeing In The Open – A New Trend In KSRTC Bus Stands

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Relieving oneself in public places is equal to stripping in public and should be made a punishable offence. People in Kerala, educated, cultured people started making the public places in our bus stands as a public toilet.

A scene from Thiruvananthapuram Central
A scene from Kottarakkara bus station

People are using the corner and even the open places as their toilet. This type of activities are happening more in KSRTC bus stands like Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Kottarakkara, Kayamkulam, Kottayam etc.

Authorities should take immediate action to avoid this type of stupid acts happening in bus stations.


  1. In most of the stations the public toilet contractors charge Re.1 instead of 50p(though it is just 50p,it is double the quote they have made). I have questioned it many times in KYLM (Not a problem in KLM.You give 50p ,they accept.You give Re.1,they keep quiet and give back 50p only if asked-which no one does). The reply whenever questioned was – “It is the old fare displayed in the board.Now it is Re.1”. I am a regular passenger and I know it was not there a year before,and was hung recently. Now a days they have removed the board 😀 ,so that everyone will keep giving Re.1. I am not going to gain anything with a 50p in a week,but drops count up to make an ocean for them.

  2. manushyanu moothram ozhikkan thonnumpol ozhikkanam.pala dipokalilum urin shedil nattam karanam keran pattathilla.kayariyal thanne kollunna chargum,pinne enthu cheyyum.

  3. The condition of toilets of many KSRTC depots are pathetic…
    Recently, I entered into the toilet of Kottayam stand by paying Re:1. But, the pipe of the urine box was leaking and urine was dropping to the legs.. I tried to get some water to wash my leg… But no water also…

    One month back, I entered in to the toilet of Muvattupuzha stand.. I saw that the lady who was there to collect money from people was shouting and abusing against people who are coming there to use the toilets by paying Re:1…

    These types of incidents force people to avoid the usage of public toilets of KSRTC.. Meanwhile, Erattupetta and Thodupuzha depots are providing neat and good toilets at free of cost…No need to pay money to use the toilet..

  4. Most of the KSRTC depot toilets are in a pathetic condition. I hope KSRTC is only interested in luring money from the common or poor man who are normally forced to utilise this worst service. Is there any authority available in the KSRTC to check hygienic conditions of the Buses and other services provided by them? If so what they are doing ?
    After paying money, surviving one minute inside the so called comfort station’s are painful. Long distance travel with family in KSRTC buses are really a nightmare because of this concern.

    Before initiating any action against the people on this issue, the concerned authorities should ensure that a hygienic place is provided for their convenience.

  5. I am a frequent traveler in KSRTC (Bangalore-Trissur). And in every major stations KSRTC have public toilets which are leased out to private contracters. And these contracors are only there to collect the money and never maintain the toilets or the KSRTC never insist them to do it. For ex. just go to PALAGHAT station .. we can’t enter into the toilet . the urinals are clogged and blocked. Its overflowing. Still you can see a gentle man collecting the money. In Trissur also situation not very different. Let them chagre the public after maintaining the toilets well.

  6. Thiruvananthapuram centralil toilet evideyanennu arkkum ariyilla. kuttam paranjittu karyamilla.

  7. All over the world we Indians are (…famous??…) notorious for our dirty toilet habits, and for keeping our toilets dirty, whether in hotels, or restaurants, or offices, or trains, or aircraft, or bus stations, or other public stations.

    It is very disappointing that people from Kerala, who are supposed to be amongst the most educated in India, also succumb to this dirty unhygienic way of life.