New Bus Service From Ernakulam To Kattappana, Kumily

In a bid to ensure better connectivity between Ernakulam city and interior places in Idukki district, the KSRTC will operate new services to Kattappana and Kumily. The fast passenger buses will start their services from Ernakulam depot on Friday.

According to assistant transport officer (ATO) Sateesh Kumar, these services will give a boost to the economic development of rural areas in Idukki district. The bus to Kattappana is scheduled to leave the city at 1.30pm. It will pass through Tripunithura, Muvattupuzha, Vannapuram, Chelachuvadu and Thopramkudy to reach Kattappana.

The bus to Kumily will leave Kochi at 3.50pm and pass through Kakkanad, Muvattupuzha, Vannapuram, Chelachuvadu, Thopramkudy and Kattappana to reach Kumily at 10.30pm.

On the introduction of new city services, the ATO said that the Ernakulam depot was yet to start services of four low-floor non A/C buses due to shortage of staff. “We don’t have enough drivers and conductors, and we are awaiting appointments through employment exchange,” he said.

Meanwhile, two modified low-floor buses have begun service from Perumbavoor depot. These buses will connect Perumbavoor with places such as Ernakulam, Aluva, Nedumbassery and Kakkanad.

News: Times Of India


  1. Too long a path for KTPNA and KMLY people.But this should help in connectivity of the people in between with EKM and KTPNA-KMLY region.A more suited service for this purpose would be LSOrd than FP( like most of the high range services from EKM (to MNR,KTPNA,KMLY) are LSOrd)

  2. This is the shortest route to from Kattappana / Kumily to Ernakulam (via Vannappuram); but connecting thoprankudy may make it a bit longer. The whole area is thickly populated unlike neriamangalam route which passes through dense forest. This is the only path one can travel without fearing wild elephants.
    Please announce the timing of return journey of these buses from Kattappana and Kumily.There is no buses to low range once the Holy Family to Kannur leaves at 6.45 pm from Kattappana. It would be more helpful if it is arranged after 7.00 pm from Kattappana.

  3. What is the shortest route from Kumily/Kattappana to Ernakulam city? is it through thodupuzha-muvattupuzha-ernakulam or through pala-ernakulam or kothamangalam-ernakulam?
    this new route is tauted to save 28kms than existing routes to kumily from Ernakulam. Is this true?
    see the news:
    “The trial run will be flagged off by Hibi Eden MLA at the KSRTC bus stand on Friday. The buses will ply on the newly-commissioned Vannapuram-Chellachodu route via Kumily.� The new route is expected to cut down the travelling distance between Ernakulam and Kumily by at least 25-28 kms.”

  4. ernakulam ksrtc stand to kakkanad infopark karimugal puthencruz kolenchery via muvattupuzha is the most suited short route we can see in google route map. .if ksrtc started through this route we can save 8km and 20 more minutes…also helpfull for those who are works in infopark ..

    • I don’t think puthenkurish karimugal kakkanad route is shorter. the shortest route from menaka junction to muvattupuzha is through kaloor kakkanad pattimattom route. infopark,morakkala route is not developed.
      any road from ernakulam to muvattupuzha is twisty and winding. pwd or nhai will be doing a great service if they develop ernakulam kakkanad and from kakkanad straight to muvattupuzha without touching pallikkara,pattimattom..using satellite survey. this will make muvattupuzha-kakkanad around 23kms only. from kakkanad to ernakulam city, I think it is 12kms. so, ernakulam to muvattupuzha will be only 33-35kms unlike NH49 thrippunithura kolenchery route which is around 45kms!! no mercy for eastern routes from government.. no strong political lobby or regionalist are there in kunnathunad or muvattupuzha unlike thodupuzha or pala.

      highrange is remaining a ultra rural, unconnected and orthodox region is because of lack of connectivity. such a road connecting thodupuzha and highranges will make tourist circuit also active. for all the interests of region from kothamangalam,thodupuzha,erattupetta and eastwards, a highway from ernakulam to muvattupuzha must be made. but, no mercy 🙁

  5. Hi,
    I travelled last saturday in RNC27 of ekm depot from Eranakulam to Muvattupuzha FP Bus. it starts at 3.50PM and reached MVPA at 5.20PM through Kakkanad,Pattimattom route. the Bus gets 70% capacity filled. many are to highranges. they are telling Rs9 lesser than other routes to highranges.

    EKM Depot also runs a FP through Thrippunithura,Muvattupuzha to Kattappana. but, due to traffic block, it will be often late? Kakkanad route is better for reaching Muvattupuzha.


  6. There is no bus service operating ksrtc from kumaly-kattappana via, ankkara after …thus due to very difficult to ordinary people

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