Mobile Phone While Driving Is Common In KSRTC. Who can take action against this?

Mobile phone use while driving is common, but dangerous. Due to the number of accidents, that are related to cell phone use while driving, some rules have been in force disallowing the use of a cell phones while driving. Using a mobile phone reduces driver’s awareness of what is happening around them on the road.

The usage of mobile phone can distract the driver and he is playing with the life of 50+ passengers in that bus.  The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation which has instituted a rule of not using mobile phone while driving has been ignored by some KSRTC drivers which may result in loss of many lives. In order to enforce the above rule, they should seek to develop ways of checking whether drivers are using mobiles when driving, and educating the staff (drivers) regarding their rules and regulations.

Kerala RTC is also providing training sessions to the new drivers as well as the drivers who is getting punishment or making accidents.  Kerala RTC is also having a “Driver Training Squad” which is not functioning well nowadays.

Every state and territory has enacted this legislation and so prohibits the use the hand-held mobile phones in a moving vehicle or even when stopped at traffic lights. The vehicle must be properly parked with the engine turned off, before a driver can legally use a hand-held mobile phone. A driver shall not wear an audio headset or earphones or use a cellular telephone whenever the vehicle is in motion.

Dear officials, KSRTC Blog is requesting you to take the immediate action against using mobile phone while driving.

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