KSRTC Vestibule Bus, Low On Popularity

Indian Express has reported that the Vestibule Bus introduced by KSRTC in Thiruvananthapuram city is low on popularity. According to express,

he city’s first ‘Vestibule Bus’ could do with some help from commuters. Passengers are shying away from boarding the 16-metre-long lone Vestibule Bus launched last March fearing that the fare is higher and that it would be slower than the conventional buses.

It has become a common sight to see it lumbering along city roads with most of its 80-plus seats lying empty. KSRTC officials say that both apprehensions are not based on facts. The bus has the ordinary fare, according to the Peroorkada depot of the KSRTC which operates it, and it takes you to your destination as quickly as the other buses.

“Still, people think twice about boarding the bus,’’ a crew member said.

The 16-metre bus plies on the East Fort-Medical College route and is operated by the Peroorkada depot. It was launched along with a new double-decker bus in March 2011.


  1. idu edu varshathe news anu?

    this bus now runs east fort – attingal for a long time n still its written as old route.. admin, please look into the iisssue before posting such a news and that too related to tvm.

  2. I think KSRTC should introduce Vestibule bus in Kochi for a change and see if it clicks… Thinking with KSRTC is very traditional and not based on Commercial viability.. The low floor AC buses have been a flop in TVM when compared to Kochi… KSRTC should start operating buses on commercially viable routes….

    • only through NH47 highway this vestibule bus can service. trivendrum, due to the blessing of funds from the rajah’s time as well as being state capital gets good wide roads with 1/4th traffic of that in kochi and most suitable for vestibule type buses(road train!). kochi has narrow roads, even the wider roads are congested.

      ksrtc may put boards in the front and side telling “saadharana charge”/Rs5minimum like they did in some of the non-ac buses.

      another lemon in the making is double decker services..the kochi double decker now runs between ernakulam and kalamassery and to angamaly. the bus will do good in vyttila-ernakulam-thoppupady-mattanchery-kochi if the hindrances like tree branches,KSEB,telephone lines removed/realigned.

      • double ducker now running between vyttila & ankamaly..
        It will be very profitable if vestibule bus run between vyttila and ankamaly in kochi

  3. Some has commented that AC buses were a flop in Tvm than kochi. This has been just rumours spread by mongers to hijack them .The truth revealing RTI filed by Mr. Vijay of tvm pointed out that AC buses in TVM n Kochi have operational losses, and that in tvm is comparitively lesser than in kochi, and for Non AC buses TVM profit is much more than kochi
    Donot point out figures and numbers which u donot know as authentic.

    Secondly, this vestibule bus is now running upto Attingal depot and has good patronage…

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