Here is an article which appeared on Deccan Chronicle about the official website of Kerala RTC. The article says that

Kerala State Road Trans-port Corporation (KSRTC) has finally acted on its long-held promise and made its website passenger-friendly. Commuters can soon log on to and get all essential details of bus travel.

The details include time schedule, their passing time at each bus-stop and hours taken for travel for all categories starting from fast passenger buses, just like the Indian Railways site.

However, within days of launching the facility, the authorities were forced to temporarily withdraw the service for the reason “there was a heavy rush of enquiries,” which slowed down the site.

“We’ve temporarily withdrawn the facility to add capacity. We would recommence the ‘Bus search’ facility by next week,” an official of EDP centre, in-charge of the technology division, said.

Also, in view of the frequent disputes and enquiries over bus stops, the corporation has published the stops at which various categories of buses halt along the nationalised routes. “This was after passengers complained of buses not stopping at small halts and continuous enquiries of whether a particular bus will halt at a given stop,” K.M. Irshad, chief traffic manager, said.

While there are 27 stops for the Volvo running between the capital and Bangalore via the NH, there are 350 sanctioned bus stops for fast passengers.

The official said conductors were directed to entertain ‘Request on stop’ at nights till the level of the super-fast class buses.

Now you say, How informative is the official website?

Do they know, what exactly a website is? The present Official website resembles a blog and acts like a blog. Hope they will do something to revamp it completely and make attractive and informative.