KSRTC hits the jackpot with AC buses in Kochi – Deccan Chronicle

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Deccan Chronicle has published an article about the topic “KSRTC hits the jackpot with AC buses in Kochi“. The article which written by Abhish K Bose clearly shows that the Low Floor AC Buses introduced in the city has become a big hit.

The article from Deccan Chronicle says that

The low floor air-conditioned buses of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) have become a big hit.

Nearly two years after they were introduced in the city, the 35 buses rake in daily revenue of up to nearly Rs 5 lakh.

“On weekends and Mondays, the revenue does touch the Rs5 lakh mark,” said KSRTC controlling inspector, Mr Antony PX.

As of now, KSRTC has 37 buses in the city with two in reserve covering all parts of the district, including Koothattukulam, Muvattupuzha, North Paravoor, Angamaly, airport, Mattancherry and Aroor while transporting around 18,000 passengers.

“The buses were introduced under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNURM) to enhance the quality of public transport. Most of the commuters who own private vehicles now use public transport,” said KSRTC zonal officer Mr V.V. Sasi.

In Thiruvananthapuram, there are 20 such buses and the average daily revenue is Rs 2 lakh. Plans are afoot to expand the services, said JNURM special officer, Mr Sharaf Muhammed.

“ More than half the regular commuters are IT professionals, senior government officials and businessmen. Another 50 buses have been allotted for the district of which five will be on the roads in a fortnight,” said Mr Sasi.

“I now read newspapers and use my laptop if needed, while travelling dust-free these days,” says Aluva sub-registrar, Mr K.P. Xavier.


  1. An eye opener report which reveals the attitude of daily passengers to use best transportation facilities. it is a truth that all long route passengers also like to have these kind of high facility buses. Why not KSRTC think about fiting AC & air suspension in buses which run above a 200 kms.

    1. KSRTC would have got better collection, if they had used some imagination in fixing the time schedule and stick to the timings.

  2. success of ernakulam-muvattupuzha volvo service shows the future prospect of ac buses in kerala.
    ksrtc can benefit greatly by adding ac fleet in 80-250kms routes like kottayam-ernakulam,thrissur-ernakulam, ernakulam-trivandrum,ernakulam-kozhikode etc.

  3. KSRTC should defnitely start AC buses on interstae routes apart within Kerala. The concept of commuters is defnitely changing. This can be seen from the rush in KaSRTC buses to Bangalore and Mysore. Overnight journey defnitely deserve AC and Air Suspension buses. The timings of the buses is very important. The body of such buses should be built in professional body building units.

  4. Ever since the introduction of low floor A/C Volvo buses in Cochin, I have been a regular passenger in these buses. I travel very often between Ernakulam North and Alwaye and now I have stopped taking my car altogether. I also prefer to travel by these buses to other parts of the city. I keenly watch these buses even when I am not travelling by it and am very happy to note the citizens of Cochin has accepted them over overwhelmingly.It is heartening to note that sometimes you find more people in this buses than the private buses running at the same time to the same destination. I am sure this response should make KSRTC think of starting separate corporation for Cochin City Transport like the BMTC of Bangalore.

  5. Low floor AC bus service is a grand success in Cochin . And Mondays and week ends it generate maximum revenue to KSRTC . In the profitability scenario story in not different . Sir , one request ; there are many more non ac private buses and Thiru Kochi buses in the city . Cochin needs more low floor VOLVO AC buses , instead of low floor NON AC buses .
    Compared to Thiruvanthapuram , here people prefer AC VOLVO buses to non ac buses . Soon , hundreds of Thiru Kochi buses will join Cochin roads . That is sufficient . Cochin peoples natural demand is for VOLVO AC bus .
    Again , KSRTC should contemplate to introduce more AC buses connecting different district headquarters . Damn sure , people are ready to occupy seats in them .