KSRTC Central Workshop, Pappanamcode, Trivandrum

There are 5 workshops of KSRTC

  1. Central Workshop – Pappanamcode – Thiruvananthapuram
  2. Regional Workshop – Mavelikkara
  3. Regional Workshop – Aluva
  4. Regional Workshop – Edappal
  5. Regional Workshop – Kozhikkode

The buses manufactured at above workshops can identify by noticing its Series. Eg: RRC, RRA, RNK, RNE, RAM etc.

Here RR, RA and RN stands for the series code and the third letters like C,M,A,E,K indicated the workshop which built this bus.

Here are some pictures which we have taken from KSRTC’s Central Workshop situated at Pappanamcode in Thiruvananthapuram.

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  1. I have gone through the pictures, really good. Does this mean KSRTC uses only ASHOK LEYLAND buses? or is it an Advertistment for the same. I think you where biased. Give a balanced out look.

    • No shabeer, these pictures are pretty old ones and at that time most of the buses were of Ashok leyland.

      Now they are using more TATA buses compared to leyland.

      • : @admin
        U R mistaken. KSRTC uses both Tata and Leyland Buses from a long time ago. Many buses discarded from service by KSRTC are of Tata engine. Now they R looking to adopt more Leyland buses due to its reliability.

  2. i have one doubt.u are telling this is not official blog.so you are doing this as a social service?? vere pani onum ille … just joking

  3. I think Edapal, Kozhikode, Aluva (in that order) turn out better buses in build quality than Central though Central is the preeminent workshop.

    I have some comments on the body build:

    1. The basic window shutter based body design is a time tested one for Kerala’s condition. Please don’t discard for fancy designs. So also with the livery – red for FP& ordinary and green for express.

    2. Please upgrade the suspension system for all Super services to air /weveller suspension. Even private buses sport these now a days.

    3. The seats of even the express buses are designed keeping in mind their eventual conversion to ordinary. Please design good seats for long distance buses considering adequate inter passenger spacing, leg room, lumbar support, head support, incline etc.

    4. The blue interior looks very good in the beginning but gets quite dirty soon. Could you think of a colouring scheme with light green for interior top half, dark green for lower half, dark brown/black for seal upholstery. which will go well with the yellow colored grabs for seats that are recently introduced. Also please ensure that every railing is epoxy coated.

    5. The back sides of the new buses are curved at the edges for better aesthetics. But they are soon mangled because the sheet metal lacks frame support at the edges and get easily damaged while taking reverse carelessly. If you look at the TP 3xx series the frame supports the edges and the aesthetic look of the angular edges is not that bad. The TP 3xx series still maintain their body better that the later buses. So please ensure the ruggedness of the body at all corners.

    5. The desination board holder is half covered by the KSRTC nameboard which is assymetrical. They don’t want to reduce the width because it also acts as a sun screen for the driver. Can the KSRTC badging be painted to interior RHS of the destination nameboard. The name boards can then be made of wider size and The KSRTC badging won’t be covered also.

    6. Please consider adding a slot near the doors for displaying destination boards.

    7. Please standardise the fonts of the destination boards. Some of the boards are written in a vaery garish way taking away the beauty of the design.

    8. Please don’t permit any non standard modifications to the bus body by depot workshops.

    9. Plaese remove all advertsement stickers from the bus – religious, political , commercial etc.

    • Ur suggestions are good. But the suspensions used by KSRTC for long servises are now upgraded to Air and waveller. All the Leyland chases have waveller suspension but not found in Tata. Most of the Superfast buses are leyland too.

  4. Feels really good to see a KSRTC workshop in full swing like that.. I hav visited the SM Kannappa / Prakash body building workshop @ Bangalore , and even though its much bigger and has a higher capacity , i think the quality of the body built by KSRTC is no less than the SMK , and also our workshop looks much cleaner and organised than SMK ,keepin in mind the fact that KSRTC is a govt run workshop & latter a private run company..

  5. A question to admin… are u sure that any of the KSRTC higher officiasl is actually serious about this blog and are they trying to implement any suggestions given out from this blog ?? if yes ,then i strongly believe it can help KSRTC to pull itself out from all that debts in crores with countless no. of new ideas & suggestions coming from its die-hard fans from across the state standing by for its support .
    we love u KSRTC…

  6. I think the Kerala RTC should operate more Super Fast and Super Express buses on the Inter-State routes. Also the Super Fast buses should be built and have black cooling glass instead of Shutters. The rates in these buses are nominal when compared to Private Buses or Super Delux/AC Buses. More Ashok Leyland buses should be operated. 12 Meter buses should not be operated on the Bangalore-Kozhikode (Via) Sulthan Battery or Mananathavady routes and Bangalore-Kannur routes because of the width of the roads.

  7. Also the Name Boards on the Inter-State buses should have colour in Green and the destinations should be in Malayalam/Kannada/English.

  8. i have been undergoing a weeks training at the aluva ksrtc garage its been a great learning experience the employees are really helpful and they do their job really well the garage has great capacity but we keralites should do something to turn it round

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