KSRTC Buses From Bangalore-Mysore To Kannur

Kerala RTC is operating buses from Bangalore to Kannur and vice versa by connecting the heritage city Mysore.  The Corporation provides a Reservation Counter at the Kempegowda Bus Station(Majestic Bus Station) and Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station at Bangalore which functions from 6:30am to 9:30pm. One can reserve the tickets for the buses from the reservation counter in Mysore KSRTC bus stand also.

The buses from Bangalore to Kannur are running in three different routes.

1) Mysore-Virajpet-Iritty-Mattannur-Koothuparamba-Thalassery
2) Mysore-Virajpet-Iritty-Mattannur-Koothuparamba
3) Mysore-Virajpet-Iritty-Mattannur

Time Schedule from Bangalore

Departure Destination Via Arrival Fare Type
09.00 Kannur MSE,MTNR,TLY 19.00 387 Super Express
20.30 Payyannur MSE,MTNR,KTPB 05.00 377 Super Express
21.15 Kannur MSE,IRTY,MTNR 05.00 494 Super Deluxe
21.30 Kannur MSE,MTNR,TLY 06.00 387 Super Express

Time Schedule From Kannur

Departure Destination Via Arrival Fare Type
07.30 Bangalore TLY,IRTY 16.15 377 Super Express
19.00 Bangalore MTNR,IRTY 04.00 494 Super Deluxe
20.15 Bangalore MTNR,IRTY 05.00 387 Super Express
21.30 Bangalore TLY,KBPA 06.15 387 Super Express

Note: Payyannur-Bangalore via Kannur does not have reservation facility from Kannur.

Time Schedule From Mysore

Departure Destination Via Arrival At Kannur Type
11.30 Kannur IRTY,MTNR,KTPB,TLY 19.00 Super Express
23.00 Payyannur IRTY,MTNR,KTPB 05.00 Super Express
23.45 Kannur IRTY,MTNR 05.15 Super Deluxe
00.01 Kannur IRTY,MTNR,KTPB,TLY 06.00 Super Express

For the buses towards Kannur from Bangalore, boarding points are available at

1) Satellite bus station, Bangalore
2) Kenkeri, Opposite Police Station
3) Mandya, Opposite Bus Stand
4) Mysore Bus Stand

For more informations

Click here for Bangalore Time Table

Reservation Counter, Majestic : 080 22269508
Mysore Road Satelite Bus Station: 080 26756666 (MSBS, Satellite Bus Stand)

KSRTC Reservation Counter, Mysore : 0821 2440124
KSRTC Kannur: 0497 2707777



  1. Passengers traveling to Kannur during night times, can avail the night Kerala RTC Buses of 2115 & 2200 and reach Kannur at 5 or 5.30 a.m. To reach even early can catch the 2030 Payyannur bus to Kannur. The above buses are direct ones which travels by the Mattannur route without touching Koothuparamba or Tellicherry and also the charges are less.

  2. Passengers who travel on week days except Fridays can reach the Satellite Bus Stand without reserving the ticket and travel by the 2115 or 2200 hours Kerala RTC Bus without any difficulty. From Majestic there are plenty of BMTC Buses to Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand. All the BMTC Buses to Kengeri and beyond enter Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand. Passengers from K.R. Market (City Market) can also avail the BMTC Buses to Kengeri and beyond and these buses also enter Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand. I have come across many passengers who have complained that there is no tickets in Private Buses like PK, Ashoka, Golden, Kalpaka. But they never think about Kerala RTC Buses. You will surely get a seat to Kannur or Tellicherry. Also the rates are cheaper. These buses take only 7 or 8 hours.

  3. For the sake of the day passengers especially women or children travelling, there is one 8.15 a.m. Karnataka RTC Bus to Kannur (Via) Tellicherry & 9 am Kerala Express bus to Kannur. They can avail these services also.

    • ഈ കണ്ണൂര് എന്ന് അങ്ങ് പറഞ്ഞാല്‍ പോരെ? ചുമ്മാ കോണ…. അല്ല, കാനകൊനനനൂര്‍ എന്നൊക്കെ കഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്നത് എന്തിനാണോ ആവോ. ചെലപ്പോ KANNUR ആയാല്‍ പോലീസ്‌ പിടിക്കുമായിരിക്കും.

  4. Karnataka state is providing VOLVO buses to KANNUR like KNR – BLORE and again one to come KANNUR – MOOKAMBIKA. Why our own Kerala RTC not providing good these facilities.

    • Karnataka RTC cannot provide any bus service from Kannur to Kollur (Mookambika). Earlier Kerala RTC was operating a Fast bus service to Kollur at 8.30 a.m. Now I think, it is cancelled.

    • please provide good and reasonable lodging facilities available near city railway station or some other places where i can make use of

  5. Passengers from Tellicherry or Kannur travelling to Kollur can avail the train services (Konkan) upto Kundapura and from there it is only 45 minutes to Kollur. There are plenty of buses from Kundapura to Kollur. Money will also be saved by travelling in Train.

  6. It is true that Karnataka RTC has introduced a Volvo service to Kannur from Bangalore at 2130 hours. The timings from Kannur to Bangalore at 2230 hours is somewhat a problem. People will not wait till that time. Also this is a summer special, I think operating till 30-06-11.

    • BLR-Kannur KaSRTC Volvo service is not summer special and summer special buses are clearly marked in reservation system and also if it was summer special bus it would have been introduced in April when all summer special buses were introduced. KaSRTC has been telling from almost six months they will introduce daily Airavata service to kannur

  7. KSRTC karnataka has replaced the existing Bangalore-Payyanur Rajahamsa Executive bus witha Rajahamsa AC bus. The timings have also been modifed; this bus leaves at 8.30pm from both sides. The route is via : Mysore, Virajpet, Iritty, Mattanur, Cannanore (doesn’t touch Thalassery)

  8. It is hereby informed that Karnataka RTC has cancelled the Bangalore-Payyanur-Bagalore Rajahamsa service due to poor patronage. Now only Kerala RTC operates the 1930 (Via: Iritty-Sreekandapuram-Alakode) & 2030 Super Express buses (Kannur-Thaliparamba) to Payyannur. Now only Karnataka RTC operates the Rajahamsa service to Cannanore (Kannur)

  9. The Karnataka RTC has cancelled the Bangalore-Payyanur-Bagalore Rajahamsa Bus service due to poor patronage. If there are passengers, they might operate on Fridays from Bangalore and on Sundays from Kannur. Now only Kerala RTC operates the Super Express Bus at 1930 (Via: Iritty-Sreekandapuram-Alakode) & 2030 Super Express buses (Kannur-Thaliparamba) to Payyannur from Bangalore.. Now Karnataka RTC operates the Rajahamsa service to Cannanore (Kannur) at 2000 & 2100 hours.

  10. The Karnataka RTC has Re-introduced the Bangalore-Payyanur-Bangalore Rajahamsa Bus service w.e.f. 01-08-2011. The Bus from Bangalore starts at 1800 (6 pm) and from Payyannur at 2030 and from Kannur at 2130. Now Karnataka RTC operates the Rajahamsa services to Cannanore (Kannur) at 2000 & 2100 hours. The Volvo is at 2001 hours & from Cannanore at 2031 hours.

  11. Pls make use of “chavittikayattam” for travelling during weekdays in private buses Ashoka,PK,Golden,Sagar Kalpaka(only non AC push back buses.)

    Chavittikayattam pick up point ..Blore: Near Bangalore Medical College junction ie in front of Tippu Sulthan palace , Blore..Just walk away distance from Ashoka Travels kalasipalayam office..Only Rs 200..
    Kannur , chavittikayattam point : Caltex junction..opposite Sylcon footwear..Use Chavittikkayattam and save money..

  12. Why KSRTC is not running direct bus service from Vadakara to Mysore-Bangalore even though there is a heavy demand for this. The Vadakara-Tottilpalem-mysore-Bangalore bus that was leaving Vadakara at 9.00 AM was discontinued to help the private bus operators plying in this route.

    It was pity that even when the said service was in force, it was sabotaged several times and it was leaving from Tottilpalem instead Vadakara .

    Present MLA from Vadakara is requested to take up the matter with Minister concerned.

  13. i need get a clarification on d given data of bus timings. while am searching in Kerala rtc site, it saying that there is a a bus from Bangalore to kannur at 23.00 instead of 22.00 as per here, which is right 😮

  14. മൈസൂര്‍-ഇരിട്ടി-കണ്ണൂര്‍/തലശേരി പകല്‍ സമയം മൈസൂര്‍ സ്റ്റാന്‍ഡില്‍ നിന്ന് ഉള്ള ബസ്‌ സമയം അറിയാമോ… കേരള/കര്‍ണാടക ആര്‍ ടി സി

  15. Is there any Kannur to Mysore early morning bus available. Aslo can you provide Kannur -Mysore bus timings. – thanks

    • shraz: ss kanjangad-blore SF s ter.. frm both ends @ 8am.. no reservation… Ksjith: kerala rtc s operating til virajpet only, Kerala rtc’s mysore or blore buses are starting frm 9am SE of KNR depot from ITY, 11:30 KHD-BLORE SF frm ITY..

  16. Any buses during daytime to Thalassery after 11:00am from Mysoreroad satellite bustand OR after 4:00pm from Mysore.

  17. On 14th october 2013 i will reach Bengaluru at 4.15 PM with family from HWH by Duroto Express 12245. After that we will go Mysore on sameday. Can you give suggestion about bus service timings so that we can reach Mysore within maximum 9-9:30 PM.

    • Binod: you have buses frm Mysoreroad satellite bustand @ 5:30pm BLORE-PONNANI SF tat will b d bst option.. if not you can take airavat volvos frm d same Mysoreroad satellite bustand….

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