KSRTC Bus From Bangalore-Mysore To Guruvayoor

Gurvayoor is one of the most sacred and important pilgrim towns in India. This temple-town is extremely famous for its large Sree Krishna Temple, believed to one of the 108 most divine Vishnu temples of world. The town is located in Thrissur district, nearly 102 km from Kochi. Apart from pilgrimage, a few tourist delights are available here.

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation is running a Super Deluxe Air Bus from Bangalore to Guruvayoor. The bus takes the route Mysore, Gudallur, Nilambur, Perinthalmanna, Thrissur to reach Guruvayoor and while going to Bangalore, the bus will not go to Thrissur.

Reservation facility is available for this bus from Bangalore, Mysore and Guruvayoor. One can reserve the ticket 21 days in advance. Online reservation is also available. Click here for online reservation.

Time Schedule:

Towards Guruvayoor

Departure From Bangalore: 14.00
Departure From Kenkeri: 14.15
Departure From Mandya (Opp Bus Stand): 16.00
Departure From Mysore Bus Stand: 16.35

Arrival At Nilambur: 21.00
Arrival At Perinthalmanna: 22.00
Arrival At Thrissur: 23.30
Arrival At Guruvayoor: 23.55

Boarding points are available at Kenkeri (Opposite Police Station), Mandya (Opposite Bus Stand) and Mysore Bus Stand.

Towards Bangalore

Departure From Guruvayoor: 19.00
Departure From Kunnamkulam Bus Stop:  19.10
Departure From Valanchery KSRTC SM Office: 20.10
Departure From Nilambur: 22.30
Departure From Perinthalmanna: 21.20
Arrival At Bangalore: 05.20

Boarding points are available at Kunnamkulam bus stop, Valanchery, Nilambur and Perinthalmanna.


Guruvayoor – Bangalore: Rs- 563

Bangalore – Nilambur: Rs-443
Bangalore – Perinthalmanna: Rs-483
Bangalore – Thrissur: Rs-553
Bangalore – Guruvayoor: Rs-583

For More Informations Regarding This Service Contact

KSRTC Reservation Counter, Bangalore: 080-26756666
KSRTC Bus Station, Guruvayoor: 0487 2556210 2556450


  1. Please change the timings of the Bangalore-Guruvayur Kerala RTC Bus. If the bus takes the route of Mysore-Chamarajanagar-Coimbatore-Palakkad route it will be very convenient. Let the timings of the Bus be at 6 pm from Bangalore & Guruvayyur also. When the Bus reaches at Bandipura Forest, it will have to take rest for 3-4 hours and reach Bangalore only at 9.30 a.m. which will not be convenient at all for the public.

    • A lot of buses are available through the other route. This bus service has provided for those residents in perinthalmanna, Nilambur, Edakkara etc. Do not change the bus route as if we need more buses throuh this route. If you want to travel please choose the other route. thanks.

  2. Will the Guruvayoor – Bangalore bus stop at Nilambur Ksrtc stand or the private stand?
    Also what time does it reach Nilambur. Is it at 10.30 pm itself as mentioned above?

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