KSRTC Blog – Everything About KSRTC turns 4 today and we want to take this opportunity to thank you, for your continuous support and love. Without which KSRTC Blog would have never seen such tremendous growth as we did last year with over 6,000+ new members joining our facebook page, over 1,000 new posts being made and more than 5 Lakhs visitors paying a visit to our beloved community.

KSRTC Blog is not just another travel site or forum, but rather an extended family, where we rush in to share the ideas, knowledge and information regarding our own KSRTC.

And this is exactly why, we are so eager to switch on the internet in the morning and see what we have missed out during our sleep and check how many pages have been added to the blog.

Nevertheless, as with any large family, there are different points of views, interests and multitude of voices, at times drawing in a feeling of being misunderstood or not being heard. But everyone comes here are those who love KSRTC and those who wish to see the KSRTC in a higher position.

And since we believe, a family should listen to one and all, we request you to send your suggestions, feedbacks, complaints, anecdotes or even jokes to us, so that we can not only grow in a tremendous manner over the next few years, but also in a more inclusive way, where our readers feel valued and involved and newbies feel welcomed.

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  • Mathrubhumi Nagaram Supplement : 24 November 2009 (Click Here)
  • Madhyamam Focus Supplement: February 2010 (Click Here)
  • Madhyamam Website: 08 February 2010 (Click Here)
  • Indian Express (Express Buzz): 30 March 2010 (Click Here)
  • Webdunia Malayalam Portal : March 2010 (Click Here)
  • Deshabhimani Daily: 21 June 2010 (Click Here)
  • Metro Vartha, Vartha Life Supplement: 11 July 2011 (Click Here)
  • Deccan Chronicle: 09-01-2012 (Click Here)
  • Deccan Chronicle: 15-05-2012 (Click Here)

So keep watching KSRTC Blog, because we have a feeling, that you are going to love, what we have in store for you in the coming days…

Happy Traveling,

Sujith Bhakthan

For Team KSRTC Blog