KSRTC Airavat Club Class Volvo To Cochin

Encouraged by passenger response to its premium services, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has introduced its first Multi Axle Volvo named “Airavat Club Class SSL” to Cochin.

With the slogan ‘Sleep like a baby even at 100 kmph,’ the corporation is targeting business-class travellers by offering Ernakulam in just 10 hours, Mumbai in 17 hours and Hyderabad in 10 hours. Fares will be 15 to 20 per cent more than the regular Airavat services.

Time Schedule

Landmark Departure Time
Mysore Road Satellite bus station 21.30
Shanthinagar 21.45
KMF (Opposite Christ College) 21.55
Konappanna Agrahara 22.10
Electronic City 22.15
Ernakulam 7.31 (Arrival)

The bus would depart from Bangalore at 21.30 and reach Ernakualm by 07.31 next day.

The end to end fare is Rs-820 Including Reservation charges.
(Basic Fare: 753, Reservation Fee: 10, Insurance Fee:3, Bridge Fee:1, User Fee: 23, Infrastructure Fee: 10 and Service Fee: 20)

“According to Kerala RTC, Garuda Volvo is not making much profit for the corporation. The bus is fully packed only on the weekends and its running almost empty on other days. We have no plans to purchase any new Volvo buses soon”, told Mr Salim Rajan, Executive Director (M&W, KSRTC) to KSRTCBlog.com.

“Karnataka RTC are not sending the buses on all the days. Most of the time on weekdays, they cancel the bus if the patronage is very less. They have “two” Thiruvananthapuram Volvo services from Bangalore, but you cannot see all the buses coming everyday. Kerala RTC cannot do that. We have to run these buses every day”  told Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Vigilance Officer, KSRTC.

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    • I travelled in Kerala RTC volvo from Bangalore to Aluva on 22nd Jan 2011 and we reached aluva in just 7hrs 30 mts. I am a frequent traveller in this route and this is a record in my 10 yrs of travel experience. Why Kerala RTC need a multi axle when their normal volvo can cover Bangalore – ernakulam in 8 hrs.

  1. “Karnataka RTC are not sending the buses on all the days. Most of the time on weekdays, they cancel the bus if the patronage is very less. They have “two” Thiruvananthapuram Volvo services from Bangalore, but you cannot see all the buses coming everyday. Kerala RTC cannot do that. We have to run these buses every day” told Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Vigilance Officer, KSRTC.”

    Joke of the decade, KaSRTC operates only 1 Volvo to TVM and other is not operating from past 1 year (permit used to start MYS-TVM) and this guy is telling it is operating on weekends. KaSRTC also operates extra buses to EKM/KZK/PGT/TRC/KTM but has never operated extra buses to TVM

  2. mr gopala krishnan u r telling u r running all buses every day.u are vigilance officer, you may not be aware of whats happening for the two ac buses from tcr.in week days they will cancel the 8.00 pm bus and the reserved passengers wil go in 9.00 pm bus.if u book ticket for 8.00 pm bus u wil get a call around 5 saying that the scedule is cancelled and we can acomodate you in next bus.so ningalku kazhivilengil kazhivullavar cheyatte.adine entina kutam parayune

    • Mr Gopalakrishnan is the in charge of Interstate services. He knows everything. He is not blaming any persons, they are telling their point of view and according to them, its true also.

      • ee point of view aanu prasnam.adayat kazhchapad.adu mariyale nannavu.enagane ulla udyogastar anengil engane nanavana.venemenu vicharikanam.adu cheyilello

      • yeah its very true for them.. only for them and hence we are here. We should roll out only venad buses… replace all the superclass buses with venad’s.

        Bangalore Trivandrum Venad service…… lets see which multi axle can beat us

  3. Hi,

    i envy on this vehilce…
    Nammude naattil ithonnum illenkilum low cost- il enthellam cheyyam…
    When will KSRTC will fix a TV OR FM RADIO in city buses…

    KSRTC can fix small AC units in long route buses which run on day time. This can be started on a trial basis on trivandrum to kozhikode super expresses which have good collection.

  4. If KSRTC feels that Volvos are running empty during working days, let them give some discounted rates, like airlines, and attract more passengers. It is better to run with discounted fare than running empty. This shows the poor management of our KSRTC.

  5. If you want comfort, go for KA SRTC.
    But if speed goes the preference, then KE SRTC is the best.
    Last month I travelled by 18:30 AIRAVAT TO EKM but BNG TRVL DLX overtook it at Krishnagiri. At Trissur when we were entering, that bus was seen leaving. volvo less speed than a silly ashok leyland

      • If they start reservation from ERNAKULAM for the TRVL BNG DLX & GARUDA it will be really helpful.
        One AC Bus from TRISSUR can be extended to ERNAKULAM.
        People likes KE SRTC than KA. But they are depending more on the latter bcz former dont have enough services,comfort and reservations.
        And any phone number is there to enquire availability in TRVL BNG DLX from EKM?

    • They might have direction not to exceed certain speed. Last week it took KA RTC volvo only 8.45 hrs running time to reach Cochin. 🙂

  6. its just my suggestion to kerala rtc:
    do care to maintain super delux buses and introduce few more delux services and garuda services…….u vl get a good collection ahead den…..
    coz lookin to the travlln guide, the most crowded route is ERNAKULAM-BANGLRE.these days peoples looking in the quality of service,not the fare of travel,so try to introduce good delux buses and more volvo services………then only we can compete with KARNATAKA services…….otherwise v sucks…………….

  7. i had previlage to travel with ksrtc airavath club class, and that was one of the best experiance i had, good bus etc recommend every1 to travel from pune to bangalore in said bus iso train, cos airavath takes only 12 hrs from pune to bangalore

  8. according to my opinion KA RTC volvo is better than the KE RTC volvo.
    in case of timing and service provided by them and also in case of maintenance of buses by KA RTC…………………

  9. I guess the KaSRTC bus drivers are instructed to limit speed which is a good thing. Since these services run during night, you either sleep in the bus or reach very early in the morning and go home and sleep. Why risk your life with reckless driving for 0.5 to 1 hr difference which anyways you’ll spend sleeping?

    • KSRTC should take a look into the functioning of the Airavat (Volvo) services of the BLR-OOTY sector. This being a tourist sector, the corporation should ensure that good conditioned buses are operated.

      I travelled 3 times in this sector the last 3 months and have found the buses rattle a lot and generally it is not clean. Also the staff seem to be overworked and not courteous. Also there will be lot of fog /mist in this route. The staff are not equipped to handle the same. They do not even have waste clothes to clean & wipe the windscreen.

      KSRTC, wake up and revamp the operations. You guys are charging Rs.500/- per seat, don’t you think the passenger needs to be given a good service for the amount paid by him ?


  11. If Karnataka can come up with this type of buses why cant Kerala??

    Do we lack something, I dont think so..

    Atleast we need to try to bring like this services.

    We can run hundred of local Kerala RTC on road with out any people in that,
    But we cannot move one single luxury bus with alteast some people

    Why ???

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