Heavy Traffic – Online Reservation Stopped Again

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Whatever the festival, Onam, Diwali Or Christmas? 24 hours Online reservation is not possible with KSRTC.

The website “Saarathi” (Online reservation portal) has come up with a banner that “Due to heavy traffic, Reservation to the public is now available between 10 PM and 9 AM only. Booking at KSRTC counters are available as usual.”

We have reported the same problem in August (Read Here) during the time of Onam. This time, it is happening from last five days and still the problem is not solved. This shows the strength and reliability of the server supporting all these websites.

The Online booking facility is really a good advantage for office going peoples, IT Professionals etc. Because they don’t need to go to booking counters for checking the availability of seats or booking the tickets. Online reservation is basically aimed to help people who have no time to wait and take tickets from a counter. Its meant to help the people not to create inconvenience.

Evening 10pm to morning 9 is totally crazy. Doubt whether this is aimed to help KSRTC or drive people away from it. The whole site itself is a mess and people still go for it because they have no alternative. Inspite of all the disadvantages if still they keep pestering public with such baseless rules people will switch over to other alternatives.

Here is a complaint which we have received by email. Shanavas, a regular passenger of KSRTC is telling that, “In this Diwali festive season, don’t you feel shame to say that the site is down? Is there any other public service site (leave alone private firms and services) down like this at this time?  As the old malayalam saying Kaattile thadi thevarude aana??  is that how you are running this service? There should be some extend of courtesy and thankfulness to the food you eat. The money you earn from the company without doing the work properly.

Privatize KSRTC let me see whether you people know how to work.”
Shanavas ([email protected])

Bibeesh Baby is telling thatOnline booking site is down for many dyas.If any if the festival season comes then only we need the reservation.At that time the site will always down.Then what is the use of online reservation.”


  1. pity the kerala RTC. I always book for Karnataka RTC when I want to start from Bangalore. Country's best service is Karantaka's. This time I could not get ticket- obviously because everybody prefers their service. Now I booked the ticket, but to get a printout I cannot login. So am I going to lose money, if I cannot cancel that online ?

    No need to privatize things. Learn from Karnataka RTC.

  2. Actually there is a common hack to get in to the site even when it is down. On thursday(4/11), I had to print ticket urgently but the site was down. Although the phone calls to TVM and Satellite bus stand assured me that Photo ID is enough, I didn't feel confident with the bus conductor allowing me in(since my boarding point was not at bus stand). So I logged in the internet, went into the temp folder of IE, opened a ksrtc page which I had used to view booked tickets some days ago. and viola! the site opened!..I took my printout by copying the pdf in a pen drive. I think this hack cannot be used to book tickets..only for viewing the booked tickets perhaps..

  3. Kerala SRTC site is always problematic. I never get a ticket from the site yet, since its introoduction. Always some problems….. sites not available.. cannot connect to server.. connection timed timed out. It is better go for Karnataka SRTC, their service is good and any time you can book ticket online from your convenience.