Different Body Comparison Of Buses Built By KSRTC

Few weeks back, we published an article about the serial numbers given for KSRTC buses, in which by seeing the serial numbers, u can easily identify which KSRTC workshop has built the body. We all know that KSRTC is having 5 body building units across the state.

ie Central Works in TVM, and 4 other regional workshops in Mavelikkara, Aluva, Edappal and Kozhikkode. Edappal and Kozhikkode will construct bus body only on Ashok Leyland Chassis, while Central, Mavelikkara and Aluva make body on both TATA and Ashok Leyland Chassis.

Though the design of the buses belongs to similar class are same, but we can easily understand the bus by checking some small variations. Antony Varghese has done research on it and drawn some pictures describing the similarities and comparison of buses built by different workshops of KSRTC.

Observe carefully to spot the difference

In some Central build buses, the driver door is long one. So to distinguish if from edappal build ones, have a close look at the top part. (Pic Given Below) If you are seeing the bus from the passenger door side, you can identify in this method.

A Look at Different Venad/malabar body. See the colour difference of the paints used by various workshops.

Mavelikkara RAM series leyland and KKD’s RRK/RAK series looks similar from the side. Have a close look at the side glass. the position of the side glass is higher than the level of the shutter for MVKA build RAM series buses. For all other RWs, the level is either same with shutters or lower.

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