A Journey From Bangalore To Ernakulam By Thiruvalla Deluxe

4th November was just another busy evening in Bangalore. The long traffic snarls due to deepavali rush on all roads. I was heading home and a failed Tatkal transaction meant I was going by the next best option – Kerala RTC!

It was almost 7 months since I traveled to Ernakulam by KSRTC and I was yearning to do so. After a bitter lesson in the past from the slow moving Rajahamsa’s and the snobbish travelling companions in Airavat, I chose to travel in the Thiruvalla Super Deluxe (perfect timing reaching EKM at 7). But to my horror, the bus reached Hosur only at 9 30 and I thought I would really get late the next day.

But once we exited Karnataka, the real show began. The skillful driver with his amazing agility just flew through the traffic at around 100 kmph most of the time. And he didn’t even break a single traffic law while doing so. I just couldn’t afford to sleep while this was going on, as I had got front seat.

We reached Palakkad at around 4 am. That is the scheduled time. Which meant we saved nearly 1.5 hours. It was faster than train! The only disappointing part of the journey was the conductor got a bit cranky because people were asking him to stop the bus every now and then to get down, once we approached Ernakulam.

At this point I am sure that KSRTC has now become more passenger friendly and greatly improved in its services, especially long distance ones. It needs to build upon this and needs to reach out to more people who think private buses are the only ones plying in India.

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  1. As per the schedule time, The bus is suppose to reach Palakkad by 2.50 and depart from there by 3.00 and Thrissur by 04.15 and Ernakulam by 06.00. I am a frequent traveler in this bus. I used to reach EKM by the above mentioned time. (ie 6)

    It starts from Thiruvalla by 2.20Pm and suppose to reach Palakkad by 8.50 (10 minutes before the departure of Palakkad Bangalore deluxe). But because of the traffic in Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Thrissur, It reach Palakkad only after 10pm. And they managed to reach Bangalore by 5-6Am. They may reach Bangalore, before the Palakkad-Bangalore reaches there.

    Drivers of this bus are excellent and as u said, they are doing good on roads without breaking any traffic rules.

    Almost all the days it reaches Ernakulam before the Express, which is starting by 4.00 Pm from Bangalore.

  2. There is nothing more to say about the drivers of the Kerala RTC Buses. They are simply superb. I am a frequent traveler from Bangalore to Kannur. Their driving is excellent. The departure and arrival from both Bangalore and Kannur is perfect. Kudos to Kerala RTC Drivers & Conductors.

  3. The Kerala RTC should introduce more Super Fast/Super Express buses to various districts of Kerala due to the difference in rates. People cannot afford to travel in Volvo/AC Buses. The AC Buses of Kerala RTC are a failure. The authorities should more Super Fast/Super Express buses. The rates are cheaper also. In Volvo/AC Buses, the passenger traffic is heavy only on the week ends and on other days it runs without passengers. Also cut passengers will not get into it. But the same is different in the Super Fast/Super Express buses. Also the body built is done by Kerala RTC only at Kozhikode/Edappal.

  4. Kerala RTC also can (Karnataka RTC already doing it) cancel some week day trip to increase epkm (but this has to be done on a scheduled manner). for eg, the BGR-KTM Volvo Airavat service of Karnataka not run on tuesday, wednesday and thursday (only around 10 passengers these days but full on week ends) while Kerala rtc’s AC bus on the same route (though the fleet is a failiure) runs on 7 days a week of which 5 days with empty seats. This actually ruins the condition of the bus. Also reduces the epkm drastically.
    While comparing with KA, Kl delux buses (Delux, AC. Volvo) runs by a crew of three (2 drivers + 1 conductor) on the other hand, KA runs with 1 driver + 1Driver cum conductor. The conductor will have hardly any job in a fully reserved bus. This inturn reduces the expense per km.

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