Etihad Airways A380 crosswind landing at Heathrow Airport

When it comes to safety, comfort and excellent performance, UAE-based airlines Emirates and Etihad are rated among the best in the world.

The skilled crew are the best and they work tirelessly to ensure that quality.

A video has gone viral showing a pilot of Etihad skillfully landing an A380 at London Heathrow despite the country being hit by Storm Dennis.

In a video of the incident last Saturday (Feb 15) that has gone viral, the Etihad plane, controlled by two people, can be seen hovering above the tarmac as it attempts a “crab” landing – a manoeuvre that sees pilots fly the plane into the wind, perpendicular to the runway, Sky News reported. Winds of up to 80kmh were recorded at the international airport that day.

ഇത്തിഹാദിന്റെ എയര്‍ബസ് A380 യാത്രാവിമാനം ഹീത്രൂ വിമാനത്താവളത്തില്‍ ആടിയുലഞ്ഞ് ഇറങ്ങുന്നതിന്റെ ദൃശ്യങ്ങൾ.

Typically aircraft land and take-off into the wind to decrease the landing or take-off distance.

In some cases aircraft land with a slight downwind component – typically associated with noise-sensitive airports where one runway is preferred over another.

Where a pilot faces a crosswind landing they need to point the aircraft in the direction of the wind while maintaining a straight course toward the runway.

This is called crabbing or yawing.

In strong crosswinds, the pilot may also dip the wing – sideslip – into the direction of the wind.

Just before touchdown pilots apply rudder to bring the plane – and its undercarriage – back so it is aligned straight down the centerline of the runway.

This takes great skill and the results – if not done properly – are often quite spectacular as shown in this video of the Etihad A380.